It’s too late to enunciate

Now to ruin another song due to poor enunciation.

Exhibit A: Timbaland – Apologize (feat. One Republic)

If you want, skip to the chorus around 1:07.

(ə-pŏl’ə-jīz’) – To make excuse for or regretful acknowledgment of a fault or offense.

The word is apologize. Not “pologize”. Agh.

Productive, but not a cheap half day

Got to take a half day at work today. WOO!

My rest included:

  • Registered my car (~$135)
  • Registered to vote ($free)
  • Renewed my driver’s license ($20)
  • Paid the electric bill ($97)
  • Got Groceries ($30)
  • Sent in my measurements for Clayton’s wedding ($30)

$312 total. ARG, but at least I’m not nervous about getting pulled over.


There’s my left elbow after today’s bike wreck. The left pedal fell off while I was riding it back to work.

[whitewhine] Never again am I buying from classifieds.

Dear Google Maps Team…

Please update your satellite imagery/addresses for Murray, KY. I know we aren’t exactly your top priority, but this is getting ridiculous.

The following things have happened since the maps were last updated:


  • I graduated.
  • I worked three different full time jobs and moved three times.
  • The Wellness Center (shown under construction in the photo) has been open for OVER THREE YEARS. (source)
  • My current apartment complex was finished and has been open for years.
  • Friends that I’ve had have met, gotten married, and conceived.
  • Things that have happened since Duke Nukem Forever was announced was released.

Thank you.

I finally found a way to use Twitter.

I’ll be posting my white whines from now on to Twitter. They’ll be incorporated into “the life feed” on my right sidebar.

Another White Whine

I hate it when people redesign a site and it floods my RSS reader with your old posts. I’ve already read them. Enough already.

My White Whine

If you haven’t looked at White Whine you’re missing out. Very funny “white people” or first world complaints.

My white whine:

I’m pretty upset about’s Wiki being down. I really wanted to look around after finishing the series.

P.S., Lee… I read after he told me not to. I couldn’t help it!