REVIEW: OtterBox Waterproof Case for 3rd Generation iPod Nano

I turned 25 not too long ago. For my birthday, my awesome family got me an iPod Nano and a Waterproof Case for it. I spend a lot of time swimming, and the family seems to be happy that I’m spending time getting healthy. They also know I’m passionate about music and sometimes complain that lap swimming can get pretty effing boring.

Enter the Otterbox:


They got me the full pack – waterproof headphones, an armband, the nano, and the casing.

I used it this morning for the first time and it was AWESOME. For the most part, the sound was clear enough and pretty loud. I officially terrified of listening to Avenged Sevenfold while swimming. Damn.

The only drawback I really noticed once I figured out how to use the device is that it doesn’t really like the way I push off against the wall starting new laps. The sound gets lost for a couple of seconds… it’s the phones dealing with the speed of the water going by, I think.

Overall: Definitely worth it if you’re into swimming.

Room for Improvement

The past week’s geek posts were kind of pent up. I don’t know if I’ll be able to not post about databases regularly… since it’s kind of the Thing That I Do. Thanks for coming back =)

I’m under 210 lbs (fluctuating between 205-210) which is A Good Thing™. I was 230+ in November. I’ve got to hit 190 to no longer be obese and 180 to hit my goal. I went on a weight loss kick in the fall of 2005 and got to 210 (from 240+) but could never get under. Things were a bit more drastic then, diet wise. I wasn’t able to sustain it. Now I’m attempting to eat reasonably and exercise reasonably. I’m back in the pool but I’m also lifting weights and riding a bike occasionally. When the weather looks better, the bike usage will go up.

Short term goal: 180 lbs. Long term goal: 180 lbs in 5, 10, 15, 20 years.

I lost my sideburns… but they’re rebounding. I lost a bet with my friend Pat where I had to remove my sideburns. Most of my friends around here have never seen me without them. The only people I know that have seen me burnless are the crew from KC.

A while back I wrote about and I can say it’s still amazing. I’ve taken a look at my spending habits and come up with an itemized budget that I’ll be able to stick to including the notorious unknown expenses while adding to ING Direct on a monthly basis.

If you can’t tell by my past few posts, I’m on fire about work. I know these things are cyclical, but it’s been over five months and I’m still enjoying it. We’re in the midst of a very massive and long-term project with amazing benefits. It’s exciting to see everyone working towards this goal.

Bibleshark is still alive and kicking. Last month Derek and I put in a work day to go through our laundry list of fixes/additions to the site. We fixed a lot of bugs and added 6 translations (New American Standard, Amplified Translation, The Twentieth Century, The Emphasized Bible, The Centenary Translation, The Living Oracles). Unlike Jason Calacanis, we believe in having a life outside of work. I kind of think of it like the Geek Reserves… one weekend a month. =)

I have another project I want to publish, but it has some startup costs associated with it. I’ve done some of the write-ups already, but it’s a very large/long term project. Maybe I’ll use my economic stimulus check to buy some equipment and software.