They Upgraded, I’m getting it out there

So I’m working on getting everything working so I can test.

Lessons learned so far:

-Develop on the platform you’re implement on. Since I was developing this entirely locally with a WAMP server, I’ve run into a few quirks. Mainly with my inconsistent instantiation $nav = new Navigation(); versus $nav = new navigation(); — with PHP’s autoload function it was causing my stuff to die.

– Again with platform… backslashes versus forward slashes … ugh. Let’s also remember some servers have magic quotes enabled and some do not, in case you’re inserting to a database…

– Load times are a little slower than I was hoping for… I am going to try it later tonight to see if it’s an issue here, an application issue, or a dreamhost issue.


It’s been a week

Dreamhost is announcing PHP 5.2.1 sometime soon… that means JSON support… that means I can put “the app” there!

– I was sick from last Friday until yesterday. Yesterday I got back in the swing of things and started running again, too.

– I’ve reached a point where I’m comfortable taking the app live, if I’m the only user…that isn’t exactly the case. has had a post every day since November 3, 2006. That’s at least 112 keyboard shortcuts.

– I get to decide if I want to take some side work on this weekend…

– I’ve started extensive development on a new Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department website.

– I redesigned to more accurately reflect my freelance offerings. Included is a infomercial style contact form which took me back to my direct marketing days.

– Two days ago I celebrated my sixth year of blogging. I rock.