Dear Google Maps Team…

Please update your satellite imagery/addresses for Murray, KY. I know we aren’t exactly your top priority, but this is getting ridiculous.

The following things have happened since the maps were last updated:


  • I graduated.
  • I worked three different full time jobs and moved three times.
  • The Wellness Center (shown under construction in the photo) has been open for OVER THREE YEARS. (source)
  • My current apartment complex was finished and has been open for years.
  • Friends that I’ve had have met, gotten married, and conceived.
  • Things that have happened since Duke Nukem Forever was announced was released.

Thank you.

The Anti Update (once titled Explaining Byebye)

I’ve come full circle and I’m back working at Murray State University as an Assistant Database Administrator. Moving is going to be a little insane for another two weeks, but once that is all done I think I’ll be where I’ll stay for a while.

No more IE6 CSS debugging (I hope) and I get to learn about all kinds of cool stuff like Stored Procedures, Triggers, etc. — I started Monday and I’ve already learned a ton. Learning is A Good Thing. The opportunity in Owensboro was great, but I couldn’t pass up what MSU could offer… especially along the lines of basically free graduate school.

I also bought a 2004 Ford Focus which replaces the fallen hero which was my 1996 Honda Accord. I was in an accident in September, but everyone’s okay. The car was effed. The Focus wasn’t my first choice, but it looks like I’ll have it all paid off in two years.