Final VMware Post

…on this site, anyway.

Per a suggestion I’ve opened a new site: Virtual Andy. If you’re interested in the VMware side of things, it’s your place to go. I’ve also updated all of the VMware related posts on here to link to the posts on that site.


Survey Says…

No more delicious links.

More personal posts.

I’ve also toyed around with a VMware/virtualization only site… we’ll see if I ever get that off the ground.

Pet Peeve: Bug No. 4958372

Symptoms: Referring to a blog post as a blog. e.g., “In this blog I will show you” or “In my earlier blog titled N”

Affected: People new to blogging, particularly users over 30.

Fix: Call it a freaking POST. Blogs are made of posts.

They Upgraded, I’m getting it out there

So I’m working on getting everything working so I can test.

Lessons learned so far:

-Develop on the platform you’re implement on. Since I was developing this entirely locally with a WAMP server, I’ve run into a few quirks. Mainly with my inconsistent instantiation $nav = new Navigation(); versus $nav = new navigation(); — with PHP’s autoload function it was causing my stuff to die.

– Again with platform… backslashes versus forward slashes … ugh. Let’s also remember some servers have magic quotes enabled and some do not, in case you’re inserting to a database…

– Load times are a little slower than I was hoping for… I am going to try it later tonight to see if it’s an issue here, an application issue, or a dreamhost issue. Rocks

Since “outsourcing” my blog to, I’ve got to say I’m impressed. Their stats package is great and they have little addins that make life a lot easier.

For instance…Songs and Movies on motivated me to update my old posts with mp3 files in them – now they have inline players:

Phasing out the Linkrolls

Instead of having the linkrolls take up the huge chunk of real-estate on each page, I’m experimenting with delicious’ XML-RPC posting interface.

I’ll let you know how it goes =)

To the Right

No, I’m not going to denounce my liberal views [like another sell-out I know].

Not yet anyway.

I’m just toying around with an idea for a redesign.

Excuse the mess. Pardon the [delicious absence].