Internet vs. DVR

First, some monthly costs:

  • Internet: $37.50 (I have residential Tier 3)
  • Netflix: $8.95, I mainly stream tv/movies from this service. Rarely watch the 1 DVD a month.
  • Cable: “Free”, it’s included in my rent

I only have a laptop set up at home – it’s hooked to my TV and I mainly stream video from Hulu, South Park Studios, and NetFlix.

I use the web quite a bit, but it’s almost all for work or school purposes. The office is < 5 miles away, and I have a desk and two monitors at work… so if I need to browse the web/buy something/do email I go to the office anyway.

DVR service would cost me $22.50. DVR can replace my internet service and Netflix. That’s a savings of $23.95 a month for $287.40 a year. I’m looking to my readers to let me know if there’s something I’m missing. Comment and vote!


Proof The Internet Still Isn’t Cool

Decent ideas that will fail because most of the people that support them are not “cool”:

Note: I am not cool.