IDEA: Deflowering the so-called Walled Garden

If anyone knows if this is possible, please contact me immediately: hillad AT gmail DOT com. Thanks.

I want to make an application for Facebook’s F8 Platform called Elsewhere. What’s preventing me? I don’t think Yahoo! Pipes has an API.

The concept is simple: collect usernames for other sites. Myspace, Livejournal, Blogger, Typepad, Youtube, Xanga, delicious, Last.FM, virtually ANY site that has you create a user profile.

But how to make this information useful? Yahoo! Pipes can cosolidate all of the RSS feeds that these sites generate and create one RSS feed that can be read by the elsewhere application. The of it like a lifestream but for each Facebook user, updated daily on their profile.

I’m so ready to write this it isn’t even funny… but can Yahoo! Pipes be automagically created?