Today’s food

Had leftover pancakes for breakfast and soup for lunch.

For dinner we had grilled chicken via George Foreman Grill and made it into a salad w/ baby spinach, carrots, American cheese and Italian dressing. There were also biscuits and pickles. (lol)


April will be an experiment


  • Orange – Restaurants
  • Blue – Fast Food
  • Green – Groceries

Time Period: Past Five Months.

From the graph it’s obvious I eat out a lot. It’s quick and social, but how expensive is it?

This April I will eat one meal at a restaurant. I will post monthly dollar totals for each category along with updates on how this has affected my weight. I do not intend on boycotting restaurants for the rest of my life, but I do want to really examine the impact they have on my budget. The immediate goal I have with this is to have a real idea of how much money I’m spending while eating out — the long term goal is to dramatically cut the number of times don’t prepare my own food.