Kick February’s Ass

February is usually one of my worst months. It’s dark, dreary, and cold. My mood is affected by the weather and my surroundings. I’m determined to make it one of my best months of the year, though. Here’s what I’m up against:

Get out of debt. I owe Craig Clayton a little over $300. I owe my father $500. They were gracious enough to help me with my transitional period from KS to KY (and from KY to KS, honestly) so I need to reimburse them. Clayton National Bank will be fully reimbursed, and I’ll get Dad as much as I can- but it may be half now and half in March. This means I have to watch what I’m spending and save.

Get a solid exercise routine. I’m also getting back into the swing of working out. I don’t have any aspirations to greatness with working out. I just want to keep the routine I’m in for the month of February. I’ve been several times lately, and it’s starting to feel like I’m missing something when I don’t go — even on weekends. Going to work out is actually a great thing to do when the weather is bad — it takes you away from those surroundings and puts you in a familiar, warm place.

My end of February Goal is to be out of debt and to be down at least 5 pounds. Here goes nothing…