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  • useful to me, was breaking my dailyshortcut site.

  • “For a text with a good legibility, we need typographies with a simple ductus, without complex details which could distract the reading process.”—lots of good tips and mesmerizing images

  • i’ve gotta get my s-video out working at home

    (tags: linux ubuntu)

  • best and worst of the internet, 1994 edition… “E-wrestling. The game for people who find tic-tac-toe too thought-intensive. You control a wrestler, and you e-mail your move (“Head lock”) to the adjudicator. So does your opponent. The judge decides what

  • Notes about a sensible creation of a WYSIWYG interface. “I’ve taken my cue from other editors and attempt to leave hyperlinks and line breaks but strip all the rest of the HTML in the copied selection.”

  • “Hummus is a nutritious food, containing a large amount of protein, dietary fiber, iron, and (depending on the recipe) varying amounts of mono-unsaturated fat; it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.”

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  • “As this portentous year draws to a close, many are tempted to forecast a coming new utopia—or unimaginable new hells. Both outcomes are unlikely. Instead, humankind will do what it has always done, namely muddle its way forward. I am thus a short-term