Rewriting the App

In the interest of maintenance, learning, and becoming a reputable developer… I’ve decided to take today to rewrite the entire “killer app” that I’ve been talking about with objects.

Previously it was a big back of function soup in one large included functions.php (31 functions)… so here goes nothing. I’ll post the progress. If I’m happy, I’ll post the source.


Sortables with Scriptaculous, PHP, and MySQL in 6 Easy Steps

Hopefully I’ll start doing more of these tutorials. I posted about this a while ago, but it really sucked. I think this is much better.

Sortables with Scriptaculous, PHP, and MySQL in 6 Easy Steps

Here’s the Demo.


More about the unnamed Killer App

Alright, since Mr. “I’m Published” Sanders asked…

One of the core features of the app is LDAP authentication. It’s not that hard to do in PHP, but instead of maintaining a robust set of read/write/edit/delete permissions I’m letting LDAP take over. We have a well maintained user directory and I fully intend to utilize it.

The app is a wiki in the sense that any member of the OU has full control over their OU’s site. I’m a member of the Information Services OU, I have full permissions to edit any page on Information Service’s site.

That’s where accountability comes in – the app records who made the last revisions and keeps a copy of the previous state of the site. I’m debating on keeping the last N revisions, just to make it uber accountable.

Other features: Lots and lots of AJAX and a very popping user interface (in terms of response). I’m also offering users file uploads ALA GMail’s file attachment (add another/remove). I’m using the lethal scriptaculous/prototype/behaviour combination. Some screenshots:

app1.png app2.png

The WYSIWYG engine I’m using is FCKeditor with some custom configuration.

Re: WordPress MU

WordPress MU does not have reliable LDAP support that I know of although it’s offered in plugin format. It also does not meet my needs because I will need to integrate it across several domains and combine it with several apps. Basically, each department I work with will have a “stock” set of static pages that are occaisionally updated along with a couple of custom apps that I develop as we go that will need to be integrated into their site. MU also doesn’t have the accountability built in that I desire (that I know of).

I’m not married to the idea of the “Killer App” yet. If there’s something better out there that will meet my very specific needs, let me know.