A day late… but here’s my traditional end of the year post.

My past end of the year posts:

2008 was pretty stable. I started the year with a lot of weight lost, but gained it all back during the summer. I’m pretty close to my wit’s end with that whole process. More on that later. I also started dating my current girlfriend in February, and we’re still going strong.

  • A year ago I was single. Now I’m in a committed relationship.
  • A year ago I had no idea what a virtual machine was. Whoa.
  • A year ago I had never been to an NFL football game. In November, we went to Packers vs. Titans.
  • A year ago I had never been in grad school. Now I’ve got three semesters left (6 courses)
  • A year ago I was exhausted from staying up all night playing designated driver. This year I had three drinks (in 6 hours) and went home when the bar closed. This felt pretty good – being able to exercise control without completely sheltering myself from temptation
  • A year ago I was an adamant fiction reader. I didn’t read nearly as much for leisure in 2008.
  • A year ago I never imagined going to a hippy festival. ROTHBURY happened in July and it was a great time.
  • A year ago I just started budgeting seriously. Now I’ve got a cool savings account and an emergency fund.

2007 Billboard #1s were 3% Introduction

I’ve been doing WAY too much thinking about the Intro music analysis.

With Last.FM and Youtube, I got the numbers for the 2007 Hot 100 Number-One Hits


(click for full image)

2007’s average introduction length was 3%.

Notable information:

  • Average song length was 4 minutes and 25 seconds
  • Kanye West – Stronger had a negative introduction
  • Maroon 5 – Makes me Wonder had the longest intro

I’ll be running several more years. My prediction: this experiment will show society’s attention span has gone way down, and further prove that popular music sucks. =)