Internet vs. DVR

First, some monthly costs:

  • Internet: $37.50 (I have residential Tier 3)
  • Netflix: $8.95, I mainly stream tv/movies from this service. Rarely watch the 1 DVD a month.
  • Cable: “Free”, it’s included in my rent

I only have a laptop set up at home – it’s hooked to my TV and I mainly stream video from Hulu, South Park Studios, and NetFlix.

I use the web quite a bit, but it’s almost all for work or school purposes. The office is < 5 miles away, and I have a desk and two monitors at work… so if I need to browse the web/buy something/do email I go to the office anyway.

DVR service would cost me $22.50. DVR can replace my internet service and Netflix. That’s a savings of $23.95 a month for $287.40 a year. I’m looking to my readers to let me know if there’s something I’m missing. Comment and vote!