About Me

In bullet form:

My Blog

The blog has always been a way to communicate with a large number of people without having to be repetitive. After high school, I moved a few hours away and went to college. It became evident to me that my blog had become my home away from home. No matter where I am, I can type in http://www.bofe.org and be given a little comfort of home.

Flame Wars

I love the internet. Unfortunately, people can’t put aside their ideological differences and just have a good time. Here are things that I probably will never change my mind about.

  • Mac vs. PC: PC.
  • Windows vs. Linux: Desktop – Windows; Server – Linux.
  • Religion: None (Technically speaking, atheist, but most atheists annoy me).
  • Tab vs. Spaces: 4 spaces
  • Indention style:
    if (foo == bar) {
    // do stuff
  • Pro Life vs. Pro Choice: Undecided, uneducated.
  • vi vs. emacs: vi
  • Pepsi vs. Coke: Coke
  • DBMS: It depends. Just not DB2.
  • Facebook vs. MySpace: Facebook
  • McCain vs. Obama: Obama
  • Gimp vs. Photoshop: Paint.NET
  • KDE vs. Gnome: Gnome
  • Digg vs. Reddit vs. Slashdot: Reddit
  • Guns vs. Gun Control: I don’t have a problem with guns.

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Eli says:

    Hi!! I am actually another TOOL addict, deperatly trying to learn as much as I possibly can!! anyway I am intriqued by your literature on Lateralus, I always new there was more behind the album(probably all of them), my problem is I dont have the equipment to reorder the songs, if their is any possible way you can help me out, I would Greatly appreciate it!!

  2. Logan says:

    dude if you could help me (or anyone else) with that Authorize.net Advanced Integration method.. ill pay anyone up to $300

    thank you

  3. Andy Hill says:

    Lol its nice to know there’s another Andy Hill out there. I’m live in Tampa though, and lived most of my adult life in Hawaii. Don’t think I’ve ever been to Kentucky.

  4. UnluckyCat says:

    Andy Hill- Just like I always tell Andy Hill, I always consider myself lucky that I’ve never been to Kentucky.

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