Essentials 2010 Edition

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Inspired by Tim’s 5 open source apps I spend the most time using, here’s my 2010 Essentials. In no particular order:

  1. [School/Home/Work] Chrome – w/ AdBlock Plus, Greasemonkey and Google Mail Checker
  2. [School/Home/Work] Google Docs/Calendar/Reader – several Google Labs extensions
  3. [Work/School] Microsoft Office with OffiSync, Data mining addins for Excel
  4. [Work/Home] PuTTY
  5. [Home] Twitter/TweetDeck
  6. mIRC
  7. [Work] SQL Management Studio
  8. [Work] vSphere Client
  9. [Work/Home/School] Pidgin
  10. [Work/Home/School] iTunes w/ AudioScrobbler plugin
  11. [Work] Microsoft Sharepoint
  12. [Home]
  13. [Work] OpenVPN
  14. [Work] VMware Workstation
  15. [Work/Home/School] Notepad++
  16. [Work] FireGPG/Firefox
  17. [Home] Google Analytics
  18. [Home/Work/School] Facebook
  19. [Home/Work/School] Hacker News
  20. [Home/Work/School] FoxIt Reader

It’s interesting to see the changes to the list over the years. Jobs have changed but so have the tools, now all of the basic collaboration is done over the web.

One Response to Essentials 2010 Edition

  1. jamesb23 says:

    Good choices! Notepad++ is a standard now. And theres no way I could really function without FireFox, Google Docs, and the Greasemonkey addon.

    Might I suggest Google Gears too? All of Google Doc’s supports it as well as some other web apps too. WordPress being one of them. 🙂

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