Thoughts of the now

I’ll talk about the following today:

  • Academic Honesty
  • Snow Based Hysteria

Academic Honesty

Question of the day:

You’re given an assignment. You’ve got to write an ethics essay. You wrote one two years ago for another class. Is it academically honest to reuse the paper? Why/Why Not?

Snow Based Hysteria

Having spent nearly all of my life south of Mason-Dixon, there’s nothing quite like watching fellow southerners respond to snow. This tweet sums it up pretty well:

Why do you need flour? If the power DOES go out, what r u planning on doing w/ it?

In case you’ve never experienced southern snow based hysteria – it’s amazing. It’s anarchy. Everyone’s preparing for Armageddon. Yes, we had an ice storm last year – many lessons were learned… but I seriously doubt the forecast justifies the wave of shopping that happened a couple of weeks ago. Watch the forecasts, people. Snow Forecasted != snowmygod / New Ice Storm. The big ice storm was pretty easy to see coming, remember:

See that purple and blue stuff? That‘s what you need to be freaking out about.


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