Restoring from your Windows 7 Backups

Restoring falls into one of two categories:

  1. File level
  2. Image level

File Level Restores

File level restores are for those times where you accidentally delete/change a file and you’ve found out you need a previous version. Don’t worry: Windows 7 and something called Volume Shadow Service (VSS) have your back.

How to use file level restores:

If the file still exists, right click on it and go to the “Previous Versions” tab. Here’s what the “Previous Versions” tab looks like on a write up I’m doing for school about BlueCross BlueShield and information security:

Select the file you want and copy, open, or restore. Copying is probably your best bet. Restoration will overwrite it. Opening the file just reads it from your backup.

Image Level Restores

There are a few good articles online on this topic. If your system is gone you’ll need your trusty backup, but you’ll also need a system repair disc.  Here are two great articles describing the process with pretty screenshots:

  1. Working with System Image Backups in Windows 7
  2. Restoring Windows 7 from a Backup System Image

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