KC Lemson (The User Experience Manager for Microsoft Exchange) said this:

Frustrated since I only have room for 4 of these in my life: Work, Family, A Clean Home, Gaming, Sleep, Exercise.

My list is Work, Family, A Clean Apartment, School, Sleep, Exercise.

What’s your list?

My goal for the semester: do well in classes, but don’t be so competitive. Do well at work, but don’t work too hard. Overall, just try and do less.

I forgot to mention it on here, but I’m now serving as a Faculty Advisor for the fraternity I was  a part of during college.  The guys are great – and it keeps me a little in touch with something I miss very much: music.

One Response to Oversubscribed

  1. wow, i don’t even know the order I want my list to be in …

    Updating House, Work, Sleep, Quality time with Wife, Quality Time with Friends, Physical Activities (Snowboarding, wakeboarding), Exercise, Responsibilities (Bills, Budgeting, Going to the DMV), Cleaning & Laundry, Church, Family time, Movies & Live Entertainment, Side Work.

    I try to do too much obviously….

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