Not Just a List… My Top 10 Songs of 2009

Nickel Creek is one of my favorite bands. I have a smart playlist on iTunes set up for them, automatically shuffling and repeating.

Each one of these songs links to TinySong, powered by GrooveShark.

1. Nickel Creek – When You Come Back Down
2. Nickel Creek – Reasons Why
3. Nickel Creek – When In Rome

4. Nickel Creek – Smoothie Song

5. Phish – Fly Famous Mockingbird

I can’t say I’ve been a Phish fan for decades. This song serves as a good introduction into the Phish Universe. Yes, there’s an entire universe. The band has an unmatched range with composition, improvisation and live shows.

6. Nickel Creek – Can’t Complain
7. Nickel Creek – Somebody More Like You

This song is one of the ones that really got me into Nickel Creek. The band has some local ties (Chris Thile lived in Murray and attended Murray State in the 90s) but they also produce some really cool moments.

I remember first listening to this song on my stereo with the bass turned up and nearly falling over when this part came on:

The light solos that decrescendo are a very nice touch.

8. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
9. Nickel Creek – This Side

This song speaks for itself. There’s a little bit of everything: wild picking, homage to Jungle Boogie and some awesome lyrics.

As the last song on this list, I’d be remiss to not include the cover of Radiohead’s Morning Bell done by Nickel Creek singer Chris Thile:

10. Tool – Jambi

After the voice box guitar solo, this song goes from amazing to plain ridiculous!

Try to keep up with the pattern in this part:

From a Tool Tab site:

Crazy part. Learn the pattern from the start and its a piece of cake.
Q: “On listening to Jambi, I was perplexed with the counting of the (sort of) transitional part of the song that occurs at 3:40. After mapping out the rhythm and trying to make sense of it, I noticed that it writes out ‘3, 2, 1’ twice in Morse code. Is this just a coincidence, or a sweet find by me?”
A: The whole “Morse code” thing before the album was released was a certain time signature used in “Jambi.” I hope this helps.

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  1. Sasha says:

    Nickel Creek is my favorite station on Pandora, next to RJD2. I end up listening to other stuff I never thought I would (ie. Alison Krauss). Great tunes that fit so many occasions.

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