How to Undelete a Blog Post

Yet another reason to love Google Reader

Like any self-absorbed blogger, I subscribe to my own website’s RSS feed (and RSS feed for comments)

Through an error on my part, I deleted the most recent 15 posts on this blog. I was wanting to clean up category 2781 (the delicious links) and potentially quit posting them.

Google Reader to the rescue. I found my site’s feed in Reader, and did some Firefox Voodoo and pasted my entries back in and appropriately datestamped them in WordPress.


It’s really too bad you can’t schedule an export with, but that’s one of the few downsides of having it hosted elsewhere.


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One Response to How to Undelete a Blog Post

  1. tendam says:

    You must try windows live writer! This is a free tool which you can use to publish in wordpress with a ms Word lookalike tool. Just cut and paste images, links etc etc wysiwyg! This too also save your postings local! So you have a backup! If you want to edit a post, download it with live writer, edit and upload!

    Too easy

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