How to Use Excel 2007 and Goal Seek to calculate what the minimum grade you need on a final exam

You need:

  • A list of all of your scores on previous assignments/tests (include your final as 0)
  • A list of point totals on all of your previous assignments/tests (include your final)
  • Excel

Step 1: Sum column A and Sum Column B. My formulas were =SUM(A2:A19) and =SUM(B2:B19)

Step 2: Divide using a formula. My formula was =A20/B20

You should now having something like this:


Step 3: Select the Data Tab. Select What if Analysis, and click Goal Seek


Step 4: Fill in these values and click OK –

“Set Cell”: — this needs to be your divided total from Step 2.
“To value”: — I used .8 because I wanted a B, and that’s what our grading scale uses.
“By changing cell”: — select the final exam score cell that was set as 0.


Step 5: Study accordingly. Good luck!


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