Pet Peeve: Bug No. 4958372

Symptoms: Referring to a blog post as a blog. e.g., “In this blog I will show you” or “In my earlier blog titled N”

Affected: People new to blogging, particularly users over 30.

Fix: Call it a freaking POST. Blogs are made of posts.


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4 Responses to Pet Peeve: Bug No. 4958372

  1. tim says:

    Ya, I was just curious what your webpage is where you made a blog about hating on people not knowing there singulars and plural vocabs.

  2. deezil says:

    Thank you. I’ve been telling people this forever.

  3. dr. ninja-pirate says:

    you, sir, need to get a life.

    by the by, long time no type. how goes it?

  4. adam says:

    Did you see that show the Matrix? A bunch of hard drives control all the humins like were all just a bunch of Nintendo tapes!

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