Work can be fun sometimes.

(2:28:13 PM) CW: Connection verification failed for data source: Login fails.
(2:28:16 PM) Andy H: k
(2:28:18 PM) Andy H: one moment plz
(2:28:22 PM) Andy H: your call is important to us
(2:28:26 PM) Andy H: *lame music*
(2:28:27 PM) CW: /taps foot
(2:28:52 PM) Andy H: try now
(2:29:08 PM) CW: worked.
(2:29:14 PM) CW: thank you sir.
(2:29:20 PM) Andy H: thank you sir. is there anything else i can assist with this afternoon?
(2:29:31 PM) Andy H: would you like to take a brief survey regarding the support you just received?
(2:29:47 PM) CW: no. you have answered all my question adequately. thank you for you assistance.
(2:29:56 PM) CW: click


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  1. adam says:

    This call was recorded and monitored by a 3rd party for quality assurance.

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