Idiot, !learn hardware

I have had to do more hardware related work with this position than any other job.

Damn, I’ve got a lot to learn.

We bought 4 quad-port NICs and 4 HBAs for our VMware ESX hosts. We really want to beef up our Virtual Infrastructure. Well… we have IBM x346 boxes.

High Rise PCI-X Slot 1: QLA 4010 HBA
High Rise PCI-X Slot 2: Quad Port NIC

The problem? We have an additional high rise HBA, but no more high rise spots. I panic, and start the process of getting the parts acquired. Fast forward to today, after talking to our wonderful sales rep, who put me on a conference call with IBM. It went a little something like this:

IBM: “Do you have the part?”
Me: “Yes”
IBM: “Look in the box. There should be a low rise connector in the box. Remove the high rise connector and add the low rise one.”
Me: “I don’t see one. Wait a minute…”
(thinking) “SON OF A …”
Me: “Sorry for wasting your time. Thanks so much for your help.”


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    No Samsung, No Care

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