Dear Google Maps Team…

Please update your satellite imagery/addresses for Murray, KY. I know we aren’t exactly your top priority, but this is getting ridiculous.

The following things have happened since the maps were last updated:


  • I graduated.
  • I worked three different full time jobs and moved three times.
  • The Wellness Center (shown under construction in the photo) has been open for OVER THREE YEARS. (source)
  • My current apartment complex was finished and has been open for years.
  • Friends that I’ve had have met, gotten married, and conceived.
  • Things that have happened since Duke Nukem Forever was announced was released.

Thank you.


One Response to Dear Google Maps Team…

  1. evanelrod says:

    yea, My Izuzu Rodeo (that I got rid of in 05′) is apparently still parked at my old apartment on Northwood Dr.!
    Pretty cool to have our college days frozen in time though!

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