When you Mess with the Bull… Second Edition

Something like four years ago I had a post on here outlining some geek ownage. I’d like to point you in the direction of another good story.

Their Kung Fu Was Not Strong is a story by my co-worker that blew my freaking mind.

Money quote:

Notice to criminals: If you’re going to steal a wireless capable device, don’t steal it from the manager of the wireless network.

Read the post for full details of the ownage.


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2 Responses to When you Mess with the Bull… Second Edition

  1. Alex says:

    Andy, “Their Kung Fu Was Not Strong” was a kick ass story. Thanks.

  2. L. Spooner says:

    RE: holy gift essay

    I know that kid. We used to hang out on an mIRC channel, we debated the whole “alternative tracks” for lateralus, circa 2002. The holy gift essay appeared about a year after i last spoke to him. We disagreed on some things, he thought the problem had a mathematical solution, my idea drew more heavily from Aleister Crowley (the Tool drummer is a huge fan, see his website) Anyway, if you’re interested in the problem, i’ve posted what i’ve come up with.
    Please send me your thoughts.

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