WTF are IE7’s Mystery Boxes in the bottom right hand corner?

The IE team gets a lot of flack from web developers because of questionable implementation with regards to existing specifications… but this just pisses me off.


Exactly what the fuck are these boxes? This is in the bottom right hand corner of your browser if you have your status bar turned on.

Mystery Meat Navigation anyone?

Here’s a full screenshot of my browser, I’ve colored in the boxes to show you where they are.


Let’s get to the bottom of this…


From left to right:

  1. No fucking clue. Right clicking doesn’t produce a context menu, single clicking doesn’t produce anything. No Tooltip on hover.
  2. Pop Up Blocker – I got to this by a single click (left or right).
  3. Manage Add-Ons – I got to this by a double click.
  4. No fucking clue. See the first item.
  5. “This type of document does not have a security certificate” – that one took a double click too.
  6. Automatic Phishing Filter – this was a menu brought up by a single left click or right click.

2 Responses to WTF are IE7’s Mystery Boxes in the bottom right hand corner?

  1. Katie says:

    I hope you were only using IE for development reasons. Not just browsing the web in it…

  2. bofe says:

    I don’t do webdev anymore =) But yeah, our intranet that we use is IE only. Sadness.

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