Unsolicited Testimonial: Mint.com

In the spirit of Anil Dash’s Unsolicited Testimonials, I present my Mint.com Unsolicited testimonial.

The thing with unsolicited testimonials is that nobody asked me to write about Mint. I’m just a passionate user of their service. I’ve been using Mint since November.

FACT: I am more in control of my finances with Mint.com

Mobile Alerts – my favorite

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Mint sends me a weekly text message and e-mail with my balances. They also notify me of low balances, or when a paycheck has been deposited. This keeps me much more informed of potential screw ups on my part like overdrafts / bad returned checks.

Mint Saves Me Time

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Before using Mint, I kept an excel spreadsheet with most of my recurring expenses like rent/cellphone/electricity/etc. just to give me some kind of idea of what was going on – I didn’t invest the effort into getting down to the nitty gritty on things like gas, groceries, restaurants, gifts, or entertainment. Now my transactions are entered in automatically, and most of the time categorized correctly.

What Mint Isn’t

  • Mint didn’t get me a raise
  • Mint isn’t perfect – it’s still a young product
  • Mint can’t move money
  • Mint does not handle trips to Walmart well. It’s difficult to put spending at Walmart into one category.

On Security

Mint has some reading material concerning security. I’ve checked a lot of it out. Yodlee, the company that Mint partners with is audited by several federal offices. It’s safe. Mint has an aggressive privacy/security policy that is also worth reading.


2 Responses to Unsolicited Testimonial: Mint.com

  1. I did a bit of testing with Mint myself, thinking it would be a little better to use than Quicken, which I currently use. I was very impressed with Mint from a Web 2.0 standpoint, but I chose to stick with Quicken myself. I do a lot of stuff with some different investments and tracking of my writing expenses that most people don’t however, so I could see where Mint would be enough for most people.

    The only thing about Mint that seems like a drastic negative to me is the fact that it is web based. I am VERY concerned about securing my finances, so I would prefer that they not be accessible from anywhere. It is a little more inconvenient, but I prefer Quicken be isolated to a single machine.

  2. Katie says:

    Interesting. I still track in Microsoft Excel. I may try this.

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