It’s healthy to take a look back at things – to gain some perspective on where life was and where it’s going. So around the end of every year I do a yearly review post. The previous years:

2007 was a reality check. A lot of it was due to a car accident that I was involved in during September. It wasn’t a very eventful year compared to 2006, but I definitely feel that life is heading in the right direction. 2007 has definitely been transitional – the first full year being out in the Real World.

  • A year ago I got two days off for Christmas at my job working for the City of Owensboro, KY. This year, with Murray State University, I’m off for a week and a half.
  • A year ago I had never even seen a car accident. Now I’ve been in two and seen one more to top those.
  • A year ago I didn’t really budget or invest. For the last month or so I’ve been rocking Mint.com pretty hard. I’ll post on that sometime soon.
  • A year ago I was hungover. I stayed up until about 5AM driving friends around that like to party as their designated driver this year.
  • A year ago I had never used subversion or Python. BibleShark changed that.
  • A year ago I felt a lot more reflective doing these posts. Maybe it’s because that year was so crazy.
  • A year ago I made websites for a living. I’m glad to say that’s no longer the case. Eff you IE6.
  • A year ago I had to be back in Owensboro after coming to Murray to celebrate the new year. No more two hour drive. =)
  • A year ago I had never read The Dark Tower. Now I’m obsessing over the series and starting Book VII.
  • A year ago I used a desktop computer at home. Now I primarily use a work laptop VNC’d into my Desktop.
  • A year ago I was paying WAY too much for car insurance. Now I’m using progressive, not insured for driving in KC, and saving a ton of money.
  • A year ago I had a DVR. There are times I still want it… but I definitely do not need the extra bill.

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  1. Lee Coursey says:

    Whatever you do, don’t read past the point where Stephen King says “don’t read any further”.


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