Are you kidding me? Fletcher Grants Commutation For Harrison Yonts

A while back I wrote some Harrison Yonts Trial Updates – the trial is over. He was sentenced to twenty years in jail. Or he did, until former KY governor commuted his sentence.

WPSD TV in Paducah, KY has coverage and the former governor’s press release.

Today, in one of his last acts as governor Ernie Fletcher commuted Yonts’ sentence from 20 years to eight. A decision that has many people who followed the case infuriated saying justice was undone.

This is truly sad.


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3 Responses to Are you kidding me? Fletcher Grants Commutation For Harrison Yonts

  1. the dogg says:

    of course society is going to think it is unfair. i wont disagree with them, but i will say something. he is a good kid but only used bad judgment. we all do it. he is young and i feel like 8 years is well enough punishment for him. i do pray for the victims family because i know that it is a nightmare everyday in their minds, but i know harrison and he is sorry. i am glad that ernie fletcher did that for him because 8 years is a long time.

  2. To my knowledge he has not admitted guilt, that is my problem . If he admitted guilt and should remorse considering his age, no prior’s I would feel eight years is enough.

  3. Excuse my error, showed remorse. I have waited for an apology from the young man that kilkled my son.

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