Feeding Ground

So I made a new life feed for this site. It’s powered by Yahoo! Pipes. It’s on the right side, RSS users. That means you’ll have to click.

Inspiration goes to Derek G.


3 Responses to Feeding Ground

  1. drgath says:

    Just like your PHP code, your Pipes code is a complete mess.

    Joke! =p

    Anyways I’m giving Pipes the coveted DerekAward[tm] for “New Product of the Year”. I’m amazed something that cool came out of Yahoo of all places. I’m still far from complete with my feed, but it’s slowly getting there.

    Still wondering when they hell you are going to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. Microblogging is way more fun than regular blogging.

    Microblogging: “I just burped and threw up a little in my mouth.”

    Regular blogging: “So I had this really deep thought today, let me explain it to you in 15 paragraphs….”

    This is probably the best blog post I’ve read in a while.
    The Real Value of Web 2.0 (Hint: It’s not Facebook). Google Reader and Twitter have now replaced my previous addictions to Digg and Facebook.

  2. hillad says:


    I redid mine to be ‘cleaner’ and cooler. Coincidentally, it’s nearly identical to yours.

    Reader is ridiculously awesome… i just don’t get twitter. I can just update my facebook status…. right?

  3. West says:


    Hi there! I’m one of those “snake in the grass” recruiters that has been trying to email you at your murray state address. It keeps bouncing back, so I figured, I would just shoot a message to you from here.

    here’s what my email would have said: (the subject line was “Why do job descriptions have to be so long?”)


    Hi there. I am conducting a national search for a Front End Web Developer / Applications Programmer to work with the industry’s top GIS/Mapping software company located in Redlands, California. I know relocation is not always the top thing on anyone’s list; however, the company I am representing has been around since 1969 and privately held, which makes them one of the more stable employers in the area. (not to mention they are the largest in the Inland Empire area of Southern California.) The successful candidate will receve a generous relocation package, competitive salary as well as plenty of time to enjoy the trappings of Southern California.

    Your name came to my attention as someone with whom I would like to speak regarding this opportunity. If you could get back to me with a word document version of your resume and a good time that we could spend about 15 minutes to go over your qualifications and how you think you might fit in such a position.

    Now, I have talked way to much about myself and my client. Let’s talk about you. (OK, that was corny….sorry) but seriously, I don’t want to take too much of your time.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    West Wheeler
    Workforce Solutions Group
    949-588-5812 ext 243

    Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon.


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