Review: Safari Beta for Windows

I know it’s a beta, but with a first impression like this:


There’s no other choice.



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  1. Nice πŸ™‚ hahah..

    You need Digg this buttons πŸ™‚

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  3. Julia says:

    haha. i guess you really need the plugins, eh.

  4. irfanhab says:

    Completely agree with you! Safari for Windows has been a PR disaster for Apple!

  5. Josh says:

    Wow. I like Apple and all, but damn. Safari is more like a shot in the foot.

  6. The OS2Guy says:

    Nice try but the above has already been corrected and replaced by Apple. PR disaster? Look again bumpkin – nearly two million downloads now and still going strong. The number of downloads has surpassed the number of Vista sales and Safari is still in beta!

    Hey! Don’t use Safari, please! The Microsoft lackee will never be able to handle a real browser so don’t even try!

  7. Mac vs PC says:

    Just goes to show, making a WIndows Application just ain’t that easy!!

  8. drwiz says:

    man thats very true…i too did the same πŸ™‚ he he he

  9. HolyChimp says:

    “The number of downloads has surpassed the number of Vista sales and Safari is still in beta!”

    Shocker! People are more willing to try a free download than they are to buy a new operating system. I’ve downloaded it for Windows and Mac, but I’m not using either version. The number of downloads doesn’t mean anything.

  10. shawnz says:

    The OS2Guy:

    maybe they just installed it to try it, and uninstalled it when they realized how bad it is? also, where do you see a sales report for vista?

    Mac vs PC:

    no, its just hard to uselessly port one from a different platform. everyone else seems to be getting it right.

  11. aa says:

    Number of downloads = number of uninstallation.

    i like apple and all but safari (for pc) was quite a disappointment, i had the same problem on my desktop, which totally ruined the hype. (if any)
    can’t wait for leopard though, love ‘spaces’

  12. frenchy says:

    Why not click the bug report button so they can fix it, better then complaining about it IMHO. Looks like your machine though, not the program. I checked it out. There are a couple of bugs here and there. Overall very stable. All things to be expected in the release.

  13. Aneudys Burgos says:

    I believe users are misjudging safari for windows. I installed it on my windows machine an aging Pentium 4 clocked at 2.4, 1 Gb ram, 256 mb Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT, and I have had no issues. Websites load up faster than firefox. Furthermore, what do you expect of beta software? I believe Apple engineers are doing a great job. There was a security vulnerability and it got fixed on the 4th day. Can you beat that IE7 or Firefox?

  14. Jeroen says:

    Safari for windows only works with english language settings. Otherwise crash when you hit the bookmark button and every bit of tekst in bold or italic will not even show.

  15. Sudonim Poeser says:

    I’ve installed it on 3 Windows systems with zero problems. 1 of which is a VM. Hasn’t crashed once.

    It is not as feature rich as Firefox+extensions, but for the vast majority of users it should work very well and appears to be very fast. I also like the font rendering, and the web page search implementation is SWEET.

  16. Adrian says:

    May i ask, what version of Windows are you using? πŸ™‚

  17. Kim says:

    did anyone notice its a BETA product.

    this is what you should expect.

  18. John Doe says:

    @The OS2Guy

    How can you compare browser downloads with OS sales? That doesn’t make any sense…

    Also, the download figure is inflated since Apple software update just sent me another copy of Safari, and I’m 100% sure that Apple counts that as 2 downloads.

  19. Haydur says:

    Why are we constantly being reminded that this a BETA product… when the same Macfanboys were the ones criticizing and commenting on issues in MS BETAs for Windows and IE. And frankly since Google, the meaning of BETA has changed. Safari is therefore more like an 0.001 Alpha, than a BETA.

    And yes I am part of the 2 million who have downloaded Safari, but I removed it within a few minutes. I don’t have a need for a third browser, and I don’t plan to develop for a third browser any time soon. Making sure my sites work perfectly in two major browsers is hard as is.

    Apple should implement a feature where uninstalling Safari would reduce the download figure, I am sure then the figures would be slashed in half or less.

  20. HolyChimp says:

    Safari seemed OK, but why would I use it over IE7? I use firefox because of the extensions, but if I was an everyday user then why would I download and install it when I have IE7 right there?

  21. NoRemorse says:

    I have the EXACT same issue. What a piece….

  22. NoRemorse says:

    To the above throwing around the term ‘bumpkin’

    Grow up and learn not to take criticism of a corporation as a personal jab. Such ‘fanboyism’ gets you know where fast. I would love this browser if it did as intended, but the truth is, it DOES NOT. Nothing personal, it is what it is. If it ever gets fixed (and trust me, it is not, I have tried every ‘update’ for the past few days) I will try again, but untill then my text filled browsing will be done in Firefox.

  23. Lil Charge says:

    Safari bites stick with VISTA!!!!!

  24. writetilt says:

    I had the same problems when I installed the beta. I had no choice to remove it. This is not a good step for Safari on Windows. I’m sure they’ll work it out, but it wasn’t a good first impression for me.

  25. Dirk Gently says:

    I have been a loyal Firefox user for so long now, I’d find it real hard to change my default to anything else. That being said, I appreciate a good browser when I see it, like Opera, and Safari (for the Mac). I like the design of both Firefox and Safari, Opera seems to keep pushing me away there.

    My Firefox is tricked out with lots of extensions, several of which I have grown too attached to to give up without functional alternatives. For those who don’t need many extensions Safari looks like a great choice, but judging it harshly while in a testing version is kinda unfair.

    Opera has lots of widgets, but most (unless I’m missing some hidden storehouse) are useless gimmicks which have no practical purpose. The ones that do have a practical purpose seem OK, but very “home made” compared to a similar extension in Firefox.

    IE has at last arrived at a decent browser in IE7 although they seem to have missed the idea of “free” extensions in the others….since you’re expected to pay for many in IE. Still vulnerable to advertising and scripting (then, why would M$ cut off their own adverts and scripts?)

    I can see Safari being decent enough after it gets most of the bugs ironed out and be an alternative browser. If the developers start offering practical widgets it may grow to give Firefox a run eventually, but I don’t think that’s the plan.

    I found a freeware third party skin for Windows which gives your PC the look and feel of a Mac OSX, right down to the dockers, login screen, pointers etc. This also fits the same plan as Safari on Windows. This program will do more for the plan than Safari will, although Safari adds extra authenticity.

    The plan? Simple. People love the Mac look, from the buttons to the start menu, taskbar and colour scheme. They use skins on their Windows programs to give them that Mac look and feel. By giving Windows users Mac programs like ITunes and Safari they are grinding deeper into the “I don’t know if I can adapt to a Mac” fear that makes people choose a PC when their PC needs replaced without taking the plunge on a Mac. This gives them the eye candy on their desktop to gradually work them into thinking “when I need to replace my PC I want a real Mac”.

  26. Larry says:

    I was incredibly excited to see safari in Beta when Steve announced it at WWDC, but after downloading it and using it for a few days I just could not stand it and moved back to firefox, most of my regularly frequented sites would causes errors.

  27. syahid ali says:

    your experience and screenshots saves me the time and i can save my curse for something else. thanks! πŸ˜€

  28. enarbee says:

    I havent downloaded it for my pc but on my mac safari doesnt worked very fast at all, I hope to have a better experience now and use safari on the pc and explorer on mac jeje, that glob… complete the word

  29. enticed68 says:

    If your Windows is up to date with all recommended and required patches, add ons,SAFARI 3 BETA is the best among all the browsers available in the market.
    One should even have .net framework 3 and its updates on XP.Vista comes with all that by default.
    Quick responsive and comparatively fared better for NASA TV with quicktime than NASA suggested WMP11 for full screen.Frame loading is atleast 10 seconds in advance to WMP11.I am not sure about the protocols and file formats advantages of APPLE.
    One should have a Clean Windows to use SAFARI 3 Browser.
    It is even better in plugin handling than Mozilla Firefox.
    Many of the media file formats are mono polised by microsoft for Windows and are not open or comply with ISO.They have their own standards which forces other software programmers to write plugin type solutions rather than ISO / IEEE standards based scenario.
    When the situation becomes ISO / IEEE standards based programming,things are less frustrating.
    SAFARI 3 is the best browser available for WINDOWS. I can not say anything about MAC as i have not tried yet.
    SAFARI 3 BETA is a success in the very beginning given the functionalities people experienced for other browsers in BETA stage.

  30. Mark says:

    My God! You Apple sycophants are pathetic. Safari may be faster than the other open source crap Firefox, but it is NOT faster than Opera when they are configured equally. Yea, Apple cheated. Pathetic. Safari pages look like crap.

    First, the rendering sucks. Why is that every open source “product” has crappy rendering? I expect better from Apple, than a Linux look-a-like experience.

    Second, what gives with the idiocy of only having three settings for cookies? Take all (e.g. get reamed by everyone), Never (safe but not really usable for shopping), and only from website you visit. So that means that every site with cookies will clog my hard drive with it’s moronic cookie files. Worse they can be easily shared by other companies. Gee Apple thanks for the privacy consideration. And sites that use the local url for it’s advertising links ( pullleeeaaaaze you really think this is not here now?) can cookie up!

    Third, what idiot decided that the “BACKSPACE” key should not be used for going back-wards in the history? Is this one of those vaunted Apple experiences everyone raves about? Clearly not user-friendly.

    Fourth, you are forced to use the “back” and “forward” buttons. Forget the mouse buttons. Safari has decided how you will work, and that is that. Wow! No wonder people love their Macs. They are so well thought out, and user friendly. Pffft. Simplicity or just Socialist (being equally miserable) browsing?

    Come on Apple pull your head out. The big reason Mac won’t venture into the PC O/S arena is that unlike the Mac-heads we expect things to work our way, not some mythical communal, “Kum Bah Yah”, we are all in it together way. Funny how Apple is supposedly about individualism yet forces conformity.

    Maybe Redhat or Novell should run the 1984 ad with Apple being the target? *lol*

    Sing it everyone:
    Someone’s booting Cheatah, Kum Bah Yah
    Someone’s buying iTunes, Kum Bah Yah
    Someone’s clicking and iPod, Kum Bah Yah

    Raise your Macs, Kum Bah Yah
    Raise your iPod, Kum Bah Yah
    Raise your single button mouse, Kum Bah Yah
    We are all the same, Kum Bah Yah.


  31. Sicarii says:

    I’m actually looking at this post on Safari 3.01 for Windows XP now. πŸ™‚

  32. Steve says:

    What kind of PC do you have? A 485 with Windows 3.1?

  33. The beta is setup to receive feedback on the bugs. Did you report the bug by hitting the bug button that was built into the interface?
    No, you just uninstalled it because you panicked.
    If you are going to take the time to download it, take the time to report the bugs so they can improve the browser. This will help all browsers become better through competition.

  34. random says:

    To fix that, just do the following:

    Open up your Safari folder and find the Safari.resources folder. This is usually C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.resources\

    Copy Lucida Grande.ttf and Lucida Grande Bold.ttf in that folder to your Fonts folder. That’s usually C:\Windows\Fonts\

    Delete the copies of the two font files from your Safari.resources folder.

    Start up Safari and you should see all the text correctly.

  35. Wow, Mark. You really like slinging around the fact–deprived ad hominems, just like your buddy Rush.

    Care to do a point-by-point comparison of Opera 9.2, IE7, and Firefox 2.0? C’mon. We’re waiting.

  36. Josh says:

    Well, you got a bit further with it than I did. When I installed it, it crashed when I tried to start it up. I uninstalled it, rebooted XP, reinstalled it… and it did the same thing.

    Boo to Safari.

  37. Whatever you think of their hardware (overpriced computers, music players with irreplaceable batteries, etc.) Apple has always (well, this decade at least) had a reputation for stable, user-friendly software. That has gone up in smoke within the space of a week. How many Windows users, who have toyed with the idea of getting a Mac, have (wanting to move their Windows box a bit closer to Mactopia) downloaded this beta? I don’t think that anyone who has will ever buy a Mac, having seen this piece of crap. I know I won’t.

  38. tonysmallz says:

    mainstreem is all apple will ever be…..and mainstreem is another word for shit

  39. bofe says:

    I’m running windows XP (SP 2)

  40. C’mon, guys. Safari for OSX was a goddamned failure, how could the Windows run be any better?

    Rabid mac fans, cool it. I’ve tried every iteration of Safari, and every time, it gets thouroughly outclassed by Firefox, which I originally got to compensate for back-in-the-day features of blogger that Safari couldn’t run. Blogger fixed the problems of compatability, Safari didn’t.

    All that it did successfully for Apple was liberate the user from Explorer, which was worse.

  41. Nick says:

    Firefox > Safari

  42. Aaron T. says:

    Seriously, guys.

    Apple put out a beta so you could test it. Not laugh at it. Not tear it apart. Not find everything that may be wrong with it. It’s a real beta, not a flickr beta or a Google beta, it’s the traditional meaning of beta.

    I think that you should just give them a chance. As a web designer, IE6 is complete garbage. IE7, while a little better, still doesn’t support standards (try running that one through the Acid2 test). Gecko, Firefox’s rendering engine, is quite large and somewhat inefficient. Also, Firefox, while you can extend it, it becomes bogged down with all the plugins.

    Safari is a good browser. Us Mac people have been using it for years without a hitch. I think the way it renders text is irking a lot of people. I think it renders text (especially on Windows) perfectly. You don’t get that choppy text that you may get with IE or Firefox. If you seriously want to review it, I suggest waiting. Apple seems quite committed to this project, and I’m sure it will be out of beta soon if you report your bugs to them. I think they’re doing the best that they can, finally bringing KHTML/WebKit to Windows. It really is a superior rendering engine over Triton or even Gecko.

    If you’re not ready to take the plunge away from Windows-centric browsers, I suggest looking at Opera (it’s a mighty fine browser, in my own opinion)

  43. Mike says:

    Alright, ya’ll might come a hoot-n-ahollering but is a web browser THAT big of a deal? Yes I understand many of you are avid developers and designers but gosh- Think how little the average person cares.

    I only have one complaint with Browsers- IE 7 and the “click to activate this control” it kills me for any Flash content. Can’t Stand it.

    You should care more about Apple’s Reallocation of resources to the iphone leading to the postponement of Leopard. (BOO!)

    Opera Firefox Safari Netscape – Anything over IE

  44. Tom says:

    From Apple’s Safari BETA website:

    Coming Soon
    Support for International users
    International text input methods
    Advanced text (contextual forms, international scripts)
    Localized menus and help
    NTLM support
    PAC file auto-detection
    FTP directory listings
    Link to proxy settings from Safari (Safari respects the proxy settings in the Windows Internet control panel)
    Cookie management
    LiveConnect support
    Spell checking
    Printing page numbers, titles, margins
    Give Apple engineers your feedback on the Safari 3 beta. Just click the bug button in the toolbar to get started.

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  46. It works fine for me! Well, all except the new Yahoo Mail Beta – but they (Yahoo) tell me it’s not supported, so I can accept that.

  47. wordsmithlegacy says:

    I use linux.


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  49. mbelienkz says:

    works fine for me!

  50. d says:

    Works great for XP; I’m just waiting for more plug-ins, add-ons & widgets.
    I was hoping for a review with a report on how/where to find the above mentioned; and more tips for us Windows for Safari users.
    (and I now want Santa to bring me a Mac…they look much more fun than the Apple things I remember from back in the High School days of way back when )

  51. TinyRedMan says:

    it’s funny that Windows was made using Macs but somehow, Macs’ Safari cant work on windows. Lol.

  52. Dmitri says:

    Something’s wrong with fonts. Also, ClearType is better than the Safari font smoothing – I just hate the blur.


  53. I stick with IE 7..itΒ΄s doin well.

  54. slamet says:

    Have you tried to save a web page using safari on windows?
    I can’t do that by clicking file-save as. the menu is there but it doesn’t do anything.

    and whenever i try to type anything into textfields, safari quits. well, i think it is a feature not a bug, designed to help blogger fight spammer. πŸ˜‰

  55. Edwin says:

    I had the problem of no text in the menus in one install of Safari, and one install that worked okay.

    I didn’t like Steve Jobs’ idea that Safari and IE would be the only two browsers left in the market, so I uninstalled Safari.

    Firefox is much better than Safari.

  56. Knute says:

    I guess nobody remembers MS’ first Mac or PC browser when taking on Netscape (pretty bad) Apple has a much better first pass in my mind, and “beta” means there’s gonna be issues.

    I usually run Firefox and Safari on Mac and Firefox and MSIE on Windows. Will add Safari on Win and see if it really speeds up browsing. If true then it’ll stay and I’ll ride out the updates.

    All those seconds of waiting add up!

  57. Mac Fanboi says:

    LOL! Apple is so stupid sometime. I worship Steve Job and everything Apple. I’m a mindless droid when it comes to Apple. I buy EVERYTHING they make just because I’m so jealous of Windows users. However, Safari is utter crap and even I won’t use it. I am going to by at least a dozen iPhones though so I look extra extra cool to all my friends! Oh wait, I don’t have any friends.

  58. intlpopstar says:

    It did the same thing to me too!

  59. Tom says:

    Bummer. I can only say that my experiences have been different than yours.

    While currently no threat to replace Firefox on my system (no surprise since it’s beta anyway), I think Safari has a lot of promise:

  60. Nate Great says:

    Lol, that’s awesome! Okay, so maybe not so awesome if you were expecting it to work, and it probably should have. On the other hand I’ve downloaded it and it’s been working fine for me. I’ve even run a few test on my own and it is definitely a lot faster that IE in terms of DOM manipulation and rendering. IE is bad news for the most part in this area although it may have improved in IE 7 which I have not been able to test yet.

    Personally I hope that either IE 7 gets it’s butt in gear and improves its DOM implementation or that either Firefox or Safari take off. It would make my job a lot easier, simply because as is to get the performance out of IE I need I have to write a lot of extra code (even for some IE 7 related projects).

    Anyway, I really hope they work the bugs out because it’s obvious they have a better core implementation of DOM (at least a faster one). They just need to improve on it so it has all the features us users want and not silly, ridiculous problems like this!

  61. elthe says:

    1. It is slow. Dreadfully slow during resizing and moving around.
    2. In a drop-down list you cannot write your choice and be brought to it.
    3. You cannot resize grabbing any other edge than the bottom right corner.
    4. You cannot close a tab middle-clicking on it.
    5. It doesnt automagically resolve adresses via google. e.g. if you write “nasa” in the address bar it doesnt get you to “”
    6. There are interface annoyances: when maximized you cannot left-click top right corner of the screen and close it, it closes the app behind the safari instead. you cannot move your mouse to the extreme right edge of the screen with maximized browser and scroll – you have to carefully aim for the scroll bar.
    7. In a multi-monitor setup, if maximize it on a secondary monitor it goes nut. It goes somewhere outside the screen and you have to move it with keyboard for you cannot click it.
    8. You must be cautious not to install itunes, quicktime and some other garbage with it.

    I tested Safari on a Windows 2003 Server 2GHz Athlon with 2GB of RAM. If you wish to discuss my comments feel free: elthe

  62. John says:

    I’m using Safari for windows now, and it is working just fine. I actually like the font so many complain about……. It seems solid, not cheap like other browsers.

    I myself am an avid firefox user, but safari is catching my attention long enough to try this out for a few weeks to get a feel for it.

    That…. and who can argue with Apple’s Interface πŸ™‚

  63. JOG says:

    Now running safari beta 3.0.2 version over windows vista. Major changes and much better functioning with only few errors in some pages from 3.0.1 version and also very very quick navigation.
    I just make allmost all my internet navigation with safari, reserving firefox or IE por the few cases safari gives error.
    I have the impression we’ll have a real alternative to IE or Fi

  64. Stevedoinggreatjob says:

    Safari for Windows Vista is the fastest browser I have ever used, it was a bit tricky to set a few things up but not complex at all. The only problem I have with Safari is the problems you will have with the “Autofill”, it should use something other than the address card for storage of passwords and names to work right. For example a lot of sites if you login to that site and then logout and then hit login again most of the time you will have problems with it not autofilling at least on sites that I go to. The solution for that in my case was just to not logout even though I don’t like that. If anybody knows of any toolbars that are available right now that have autofill that will work with this Safari Beta for Xp/Vista please post them here. Also this beta version of safari if you go to edit/preferences/autofill for some reason even though I have checked user names and passwords it will not let me use the edit icon, same for other forms…..

    Anyway this is a great browser with more potential than I have seen in a long time mainly because of it’s speed.


  65. Anonymous says:

    Safari works foie on my computer. I have no problems with version 3.0.4

  66. Anonymous says:

    Has some serious issue starting in my up to date Win XP. Tried several times. 😦

  67. Al says:

    … I’m using a mac, using safari to type this, the windows version has a few bugs, true, many bugs, but these are mac coders trying to work on something very different from what they’re used to.
    mac mainstream by the way?
    sure, 90% of the worlds idiots use windows…
    majority = mainstream….
    mainstream is supposedly another word for shit.
    Proud to be different. sure, macs arent perfect, neither is windows.

    go away windows fanboys, go wank off over your pc boxes, I’ll stick with my mac.

  68. ever tried Flock? Look it up or on my blog. πŸ™‚

  69. ikshayar says:

    People are talking a lot out of nothing. for me.. I never made it to run on windows XP.

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