5 Applications I’d like to see on Facebook’s F8 Platform

Facebook released The Platform last week. This post isn’t intending to break the news or provide anything but a few of my ‘hopeful’ apps I’d like to see with F8.

It’s interesting to note that according to the Developer Documentation Facebook is not offering ‘hooks’ into their Marketplace, Notes, Video, or Posted Items applications. Currently they only allow you to leverage their users, events, photos, and groups. I wonder if this is going to change in the future.

5) faceBulletin. Facebook has some discussion features, but it’s no full fledged message board. I’d like to see vBulletin integrated into the platform. Think – a vBulletin forum for each of your Facebook groups. One thing Facebook seems to lack is a “what’s changed since my last visit?” for their discussion area — akin to vBulletin’s “New Posts”.

4) Google Calendar integration. Have Facebook events that you’re attending automatically add to your Google Calendar and vice versa (with privacy, of course). Also, be able to set calendar sharing up through Facebook friends. Let’s say you’re in a group on Facebook called “Wednesday Poker Games” with the integration, a Google Calendar entry/Facebook event could be set up to occur every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. You could leverage Google’s SMS reminders with Facebook’s large user base and social graph. You would also be able to check against your work schedule if you entered it into Google Calendar.

3) A Better Last.FM. TechCrunch slammed Last.fm for being too slow when I’m willing to be they’re trying to make something actually useful to Facebook users instead of my last N songs showing up. The current unofficial Last.fm facebook application is also fairly restricted because it depends on the last.fm XML feeds which are not updated very frequently. Leverage the friends on Facebook that use last.fm! For example, I have maybe one friend on last.fm… and over 300 friends on Facebook. I hope last.fm is taking the approach of full integration into F8.

2) X-box Live/XBLA integration. I don’t even own an X-box but I can see the possibilities. Imagine logging into X-box live and seeing all of your Facebook friends that use the service showing up on your list. Imagine a little Guitar Hero Addicts Support Group having each members’ top scores for each song included. Apply thoughts like this to any game.

1) A better Monster/CareerBuilder/Job Site. Imagine being notified of a Job opening at a friends company that is related to your college major/work history/interests. I would personally like to see this go to 2 levels of friends. A friend of a friend has a job opening at company XYZ. It’s not always what you know, but who.


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3 Responses to 5 Applications I’d like to see on Facebook’s F8 Platform

  1. I have some really cool ideas for this platform that I’m going to try and get implemented. Pretty exciting stuff.

  2. cvander says:

    I would also like to see some vbulletin in Facebook.. Should we promote something in vbulletin.org?

  3. Brandon says:

    I’d love to see vBulletin and facebook mashup

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