How to Liberate Yourself from iTunes

Since I run Windows at work, I can still use iTunes. I have about 300MB of audio that’s useless to me at home because I run Linux at home.

Step 1) Download all of the songs that I bought from my home PC to my work PC
Step 2) Burn them to CDs as CD Audio
Step 3) Rip when I get home as mp3

Yeah Freedom 0.


7 Responses to How to Liberate Yourself from iTunes

  1. adam dickinson says:

    good job, i hate iTunes. it’s so clunky. foobar all the way man!

  2. While this method works — its pretty sad you have to take these steps to listen to music you legally purchased.

  3. adam says:

    +1 for craig. itunes ftl, i mean wtf it’s like buying a cd that only plays in 1 cd player

  4. UnluckyCat says:

    You see they cracked iTunes 7?

  5. UnluckyCat says:

    Let me also add that I am not using it because I still refuse to upgrade beyond iTunes 6.

  6. Charlie says:

    You lose some quality in that transcoding though, right?

    Probably wouldn’t be a noticeable amount, but you’re still losing something.

  7. Jon Ernstberger says:

    Hey Bofe,

    I use gtkpod for my Linux iTunes subsitute. I didn’t know you were a Linux man. Are you an .RPM kinda guy or a .deb kinda fella?


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