Look at me! Look at me!

Consider this my last burst of look at me-ism for the whole world to see for a while.

After reading a few articles about my generation, I’m going to do a little non contribution to Generation Me. We all know I’ve more than pulled my weight when it comes to screaming “Look At Me”.

Perhaps the biggest clue to its shallowness can be found in its priorities. Asked what they most want out of life, most millennials answer “wealth and fame.” Riches are most important to more than 80 percent of college students, and fame came in a near second. Ironically, today’s generation has become the little materialists and “fame whores” (New York Magazine’s term) their boomer parents so reviled.

The newest contribution to the world of navel gazing (that’s actually gotten steam) is Twitter.

Before I left for vacation, I gave Twitter a try and realized enough is enough.


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7 Responses to Look at me! Look at me!

  1. adam says:

    FIRST! hahaha
    enjoyed the articles, spot on. i found out about twitter a few weeks ago and had the exact same thoughts… facebook is more than enough for me

  2. You should meet the twitter fanatics at this web2.0 expo – ugh.

  3. RickP says:

    Yeah, when Scoble started posting about Twitter, I came within inches of removing his feed. When he posted about it for 10 straight days, I did.

    Retarded crap. I’m slowly morphing into my parents’ generation, becoming totally disgusted with my own generation and their thought process and choices of usage of the Internet. I would probably like Facebook if I tried it, and most likely I’ll move my existence from MySpace to it, because the ONLY reason I used myspace was to find old high school / college friends and I’m about 99% sick of all the bulletins (aka LOOK AT MEs) that get sent out on that crap.

    Anyway, preach on Brotha Andy. CAN I GET A WITNESS!?

  4. PooDBrown says:

    Personally, I don’t like myspace (although I have a myspace account), I don’t like facebook (i have a facebook account), I like my blog even though I don’t post very often, I like twitter because its so stupid and simple, but in a few months I will be on to the next thing. I try it, then burn it, and move on.

    Nice post liked the articles.

  5. Randolph says:

    maybe we should start some sort of movement. perhaps we just take everything scoble says and rally against it. shouldn’t be too hard.

  6. Julia says:

    Curse your link to twitter.

    And to think I could have lived a few moments longer in blissful ignorance if I had not read this post.

    Just saying that word is making my bones rattle and my eyeballs point in different directions.

  7. Clayton says:

    Wtf dude, post.

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