Another Year

So I’m officially 24 years old. It’s been one hell of a year. I’ve covered that in other posts, though.

One year ago today, Craig Clayton and I went to see the Deftones.

My non geek update:

– I’ve put out requests for information with Murray State, Brescia, Kentucky Wesleyan, and Western Kentucky University for MBA programs. I’d rather not attend WKU/MSU… but if the MBA is there the MBA is there (and I’ll do online classes)

– I’m still running… but I’m not losing a lot of weight. If any. A lot of that’s due to my diet, which is… less than stellar. I’m eating twice daily – lunch and supper… aka way too much for both of those meals. It’s weird, but I’ll just have to eat more frequently and smaller portions to get the running to work even more for me.

– Work is good.



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3 Responses to Another Year

  1. dmac says:

    Happy late B-Day man. I need to get my MBA also. Let me know what works out for you.

  2. UnluckyCat says:

    Why an MBA? I’m all about advanced degrees, but I haven’t seen an MBA do much for the people who have them unless they want to be a middle manager. Why not a Master’s in something else? Not argumentative- just curious. I

  3. UnluckyCat asks ‘Why an MBA?’

    As an engineer turned businessperson (long, long ago) with many years teaching MBA, I watched as the MBA simply took over. A masters in anything else is a great qualification but, in business and management, I’m afraid that nothing else counts – just got to be an MBA. Perhaps it’s becoming too much of a commodity, the MBA, and losing it buying power – so what’s next? In my experience what really works is an MBA for the business side and a specialist qualification for the rest.

    Anyway, Happy Hunting for you MBA’ers and keep going – it IS worth it!


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