Still Need a Name for the App

Now that a lot of the loyal readers have gotten a chance do a demo run — any more ideas on a name?


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7 Responses to Still Need a Name for the App

  1. UnluckyCat says:

    Crap! First you post something that reminds me I forgot to play with The App, and then I see a count down that reminds me you’re a friggen infant and makes me feel old. Way to bring joy to my day, man.

  2. bofe says:

    @UnluckyCat, still using the gmail account?

    @Lee, I actually thought about resurrecting the old easyCMS name, but I don’t think I want to confuse people any more about the web than they are. Having CMS in the name means I have yet another acronym to define…

  3. UnluckyCat says:

    yup. send it there.

  4. keykeey says:


  5. Daniel says:




  6. I gotta think the first step before you give it a name is to give it a purpose. Once you do that the naming part should be pretty easy.

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