The Demo At Last

If you’re interested in a demo of what I’ve been referring to as “the app”, figure out a way to contact me about getting a URL and a Login/Pass.

Some more notes about it:

– Moving it to the server was a great learning experience. I’ve already made substantial improvements in performance and future compatibility which unfortunately are not in the version that I have somewhere on the web for demonstration purposes.

– The application’s purpose is becoming a lot more clear. It’s designed for the end users who need to be able to easily maintain the static parts of sites. It seems that everyone around here needs some type of database functionality. The directory structure I’ve been using is “site_url/content/page” for the static types of pages and “site_url/app/application” for others. I think it’s going to be pretty nice.

– It’s still early. I haven’t decided on a good way for users to include images in their pages. I originally wanted them to use some sort of 3rd photo gallery option, but that is not really sufficient regular inline images. Suggestions/ideas are welcome. I’d rather not do the uploading and thumbnailing on the server. =)

– The idea behind this is that I still maintain 100% of the control of the site’s “structure”/”look” while someone (typically a departmental secretary) maintains the content without having to talk to me. It’s very easy for me to make a new site with XHTML/CSS that uses content from this system.


10 Responses to The Demo At Last

  1. flickr api? Was reading about it today. I want a login / pass and url 🙂

  2. RickP says:

    You know I want it. Send link/user/pw to my work account man! Awesome.

  3. bofe says:


    This is the best PHP + Flickr API implementation out there. Rasmus is one of the core PHP devs.

  4. RickP says:

    I like the app so far. I tried a couple things to break it at first, then tried using it as just average joe schmoe dumb user and it seemed quite usable.

    Honestly I don’t have much to say about it. I haven’t gone back to it in the last 12 hours, and I will, and will give you more specific feedback, but my first visit was really just a try-to-break-it and brief scanning to see how it looks. I’ll post suggestions later after further review.

  5. RickP says:

    Oh, and andy, I THINK Clayton was suggesting you use the flickr api… i’ve never looked at it, but maybe it would be easy to wrap it into your interface so that the images are stored on flickr seamlessly… I dunno though, haven’t looked into it myself.

  6. bofe says:

    Did you break it?

  7. bofe says:

    also, flickr api is not what i want to use for inline images in the website. For photo galleries, sure… but for simply adding an image that’s going to be displayed it seems like it’s overkill.

  8. tim says:

    hook me up sir

  9. RickP says:

    I was not really able to break it, no… had I, you definitely would have had an email. It seems like you’re being careful about trusting what is typed in to fields.

  10. Daniel says:

    You know I like to break things. Hook a man up with some appage.

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