Perfection is Possible

Sorry that this is a little ranty… but I feel like a lot of us are like this.

Perfection is possible, but it will never happen. Striving for perfection leads to what my old boss referred to as development constipation. You just build and build and build, and never release. I’m so particular and driven by somehow obtaining perfection that I don’t launch anything on my own.

It’s extremely difficult for me to overcome. I feel like I receive a lot of validation from people I respect seeing and enjoying my work. That peer-validation is something I strive to achieve; it’s probably one of my psychological needs.

Unfortunately, that validation is what matters the least. Realistically, nothing else matters except for accomplishing the application’s goal. The users don’t and shouldn’t care about my needs as a person.

There’s always a better way. A perl programmer could always do it better. Doing something in the first place is what matters.


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3 Responses to Perfection is Possible

  1. RickP says:

    So, yeah… This is where I hope to be able to help you some… I’m COMPLETELY willing to settle for far less than perfect 😉

    I kid, but in all honesty that is something that I think any developer of quality struggles with until he gets his ethics/morals destroyed by the corporate world that pushes for deadlines over quality 🙂 Good luck overcoming this analysis paralysis without having a huge looming deadline… it’s the only thing that kicks me into gear to get something completed.

  2. UnluckyCat says:

    Perfection does too happen, and she’s a writer…
    Honestly, though, I feel your pain. Sometimes you have to settle for “good enough,” as obnoxious as it is. Unfortunately, clients have a way of curing your ideals.

  3. knight17 says:

    Nothing is ever gonna be perfect.
    What is perfect for me is most likely not perfect for you.
    What is perfect today might not be perfect tomorrow.
    What is perfect for one situation might not be perfect for another.

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