Haircut Contingency Plan 2.0

Two and a half years ago (GAH!) I posted about needing a Haircut Contingency Plan.

I never implemented a Haircut Contingency Plan (HCP) because I didn’t really think I needed one. I thought the freak occurrence was once in a lifetime…

Fast forward to Friday, in Murray. Haircut scheduled for 2:00pm. 1:15 pm rolls around, and the lady who usually cuts my hair (not the same one as the 2004 post) calls me.

Andy, I don’t think I’m going to be able to cut your hair today. I am on my way to the hospital. I’m having contractions.

All I wanted was a flippin’ haircut. Now I’m stuck looking shaggy until I find someone reputable around here.


9 Responses to Haircut Contingency Plan 2.0

  1. DO NOT GO TO SOMEONE WHO IS MORE EXPENSIVE, MALE, AND GAY! I did. My hair looked like crap for 1.25 months! Keep in mind, my hair is VERY important to me. I was voted “Best Hair” in our office. That being said, always trust your normal stylist but never go to one of her ‘associates’ who charges more, who is gay, and who has a penis.

  2. t says:

    Two and a half years ago I read a post on your web log. I haven’t done so since, until today.


    Have you tried your mum? My mum still cuts my hair…

  3. JohnO says:


    good backup plan. she used to work at Attitudes now she works at a new place. or you can come over and let me cut it.

  4. RickP says:

    Yeah, Tonya is fantastic! I used to go only to her when I lived in Murray. BUT, I believe Andy is living in Owensboro now, and as such may not make the drive for hair cut? All the same, she was an awesome doer of hair.

  5. JohnO says:

    I believe in the post andy said he was in Murray on friday. Sounds like he came here to get his hair cut.

  6. RickP says:

    I quit.

    Yesterday was a bad day for me commenting/posting evidently. My apologies. I guess I should have directed my comments towards Andy ala “Um, why are you driving all the way to Murray to get your hair cut? WTH man?”

    My apologies JohnO.

  7. bofe says:

    soooooooooo…. I came to Murray for a variety of reasons, one was to get a hair cut, because I really like who I usually go to there. Think of it as a kill N birds with one drive to Murray thing.

  8. When I lived in Murray I drove to Mayfield once every two weeks to get my hair cut. Getting your hair cut by the right person is really just one of those sacred things.

  9. RickP says:

    When I lived in Murray, I used a BiC razor and shaved my own head.

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