The Last 5%

A couple of days ago I mentioned the first indoctrination of “the app” is 95% done. The last 5% is hard. I’m actually spending this time removing a couple of those oh-so-nifty AJAX features.

The problem is they were taking away from page loads. I originally wanted to “deep link” to a couple of features, such as “Edit Content for this Page” and that wasn’t too possible because the WYSIWYG interface was being pulled up through an AJAX response.

So… I’m taking that (and a couple of others) out and fixing them.

I maaaaaaaay have a demo online by the beginning of the next week for review/suggestions. Wouldn’t that be special?


11 Responses to The Last 511

  1. RickP says:

    I, for one, look forward to seeing how it looks.

  2. Vaporware – EVERYWHERE

  3. tatr says:


  4. Lee says:

    in for testing…

  5. bofe says:

    The common cop out— dreamhost doesn’t have PHP 5.2 which doesn’t not support json_encode/json_decode. (Yet?) I dunno.

    Until I can get the support, I can’t show the app. =(

  6. RickP says:

    So…. it DOESN’T have 5.2? And 5.2 DOESN’T NOT support json? Wow, I think you typoed a bunch there and came out with a logical statement… if we eliminate the double negatives, we end up with “It DOES NOT have 5.2, which DOES support 5.2” which I’m guessing was stated in contradiction to what it DOES have which apparently DOES NOT support json? Good lord man. You really made me think about that. Lemme see if I have 5.2 on my hose and if so, you can host it there for demo sake if ya want.

  7. bofe says:

    MY FAULT! Writing in a sleepless crazy LOST episode induced haze.

    PHP 5.2 has json_encode and decode.

    Investigating further w/ Dreamhost. Maybe I just don’t have 5.x enabled on my domain.

  8. bofe says:

    PHP Version: 5.1.2 on Dreamhost. That’s the max without having to do a Compile… and I don’t want to do that.

  9. RickP says:

    Heh doh! I’m running 4.4.4 or some such crap on, so no go there either. I might be able to kick it up to 5x.. i MAY be able to do that different for my different domains… if so, i’d definitely look into it… but not sure what their max is.

  10. slinky steve says:

    hey man,

    i pretty much bow down to your superb webmaking skills… i didn’t know where else to comment on your lateralus prophecy, but that was the stuff of genius. i consider myself a pretty big tool fan with lateralus being my favorite album, but i had never tried to “unwrap” the holy gift like you’ve done. it’s lead me to a deeper appreciation of the band, the album, and essentially life in general. why’d you have to go and do that? j/k. later dude.

  11. slinky steve says:

    ok, now i have to eat my own words. i just read your “about me” section and how you’re just hosting the prophecy. it’s too late though seeing how i already thought you’re a smart dude. peace.

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