I’m still pretty mad about the 1 mistake. Last “clocked” speed before today was 115.


Link to the test.


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  1. wow, i hit 90 pretty consistently yesterday. That’s a pretty impressive feat there bofester.

  2. RickP says:

    You are a sick sick man.

    Wow. Nice though. I’ll have to test myself, but I’d be lucky to hit the 90 mark that Craiggers hits… I’m not such a speed daemon anymore.

  3. RickP says:

    Okay took the test. Consistently at or around 100-110… BUT… mistakes galore. I think I came in at 105 at 8 mistakes most recently.

  4. I did just a tad over 100wpm with 6 mistakes. I feel inferior.

  5. When I opened your web page (yes, some of us are real men and go to web pages rather than viewing them through RSS) I thought the screenshot of the context box was one from where a ghost image I was pushing had finished, so I tried to click “OK”. How dare you deceive me.

  6. RickP says:

    Heh, Chris, I actually go directly to his and several other pages too.. something is lost in the RSS feeds… just no ambiance.

    Anyway, topped out at 122 with 3 errors just now. By far my best run. I’m done for the day.

  7. bofe says:


    you guys will wise up one day.

    also, i did the run half asleep this morning. i figured i’d do it better later on. NOPE! still my top. i ranged from 120-130 on other attempts, each with more mistakes.

  8. Ed says:

    138 w/ 1 typo

  9. UnluckyCat says:


  10. UnluckyCat says:

    oops- I added a smile to that, but it didn’t show up.

  11. adam says:

    ya, rss is like reading the newspaper via txt message to me, proudly check manually 2x a day… bofe hax btw

  12. Clayton says:

    Oh, shit, you can use more than one hand while typing on a keyboard?!?!

  13. Dave Hayes says:

    I will beat you!

  14. bofe says:

    Oh my. Dave is in on this. If you do beat me, let us know!

  15. Ally says:

    I had 124 wpm with 1 mistake though I corrected it via backspace. Damnit!

    I don’t RSS a thing. I like spending hours a day clicking through all the journals/blogs I read 🙂

  16. dmac says:

    102 with 2 mistakes on second try. I figured I better stop there.

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