Getting There

Almost two weeks ago I wrote “Kick February’s Ass” which outlined a couple of my goals for the month.

The update:

– I’ve mailed Craig his check. He’s completely paid.
– I’ve paid my father partially.
– I’ve definitely kept the workout routine, but I’ve shifted it to the couch to 5k — a lot of Ask MetaFilter denizens gave their vote of approval.

Taxes were a very large pain in the ass.

– Did you move to Kentucky this year? Yes.
– Did you move out of Kentucky this year? Yes.
– Did you live in Kansas this year? Yes.
– Did you work in Missouri this year? Yes.

All of those “yes” answers yields one rather large headache on a Saturday.

Oh, did I mention “the app” (which I still can’t think of a good name) is ohhhh so close to being released. I would say it’s 95% done for this first incarnation.


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  1. way to get inspired after you left kansas! Sorry we were such a burdon on you here! hahah.

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