With All Your Power

A few things going on lately. I’m probably 80% done rewriting “the app” (still unnamed) with full Object Orientation. “The App” itself, before I started the rewrite, was probably 70% complete, and time hasn’t really been too critical of a factor. I’ve hit a couple of snags along the way, but luckily there’s guys out there like Stephen Mizell who help a newbie out.

Another application I’ve been working on is using data from our GIS department and the Google Maps API. I hope to be showing that off by next week.

Does anyone know of any good online MIS programs? I was originally looking at University of Illinois, but they just have Library and Information Sciences.


One Response to With All Your Power

  1. The pleasure was all mine. It always helps to have someone else to look at your code… I don’t know how many times I’ve spent hours on something and it was just some missing comma somewhere. With Python, I spent 45 minutes on a problem when it was something silly where I used the tabs for indenting when I should have used spaces.

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