Rewriting the App

In the interest of maintenance, learning, and becoming a reputable developer… I’ve decided to take today to rewrite the entire “killer app” that I’ve been talking about with objects.

Previously it was a big back of function soup in one large included functions.php (31 functions)… so here goes nothing. I’ll post the progress. If I’m happy, I’ll post the source.


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5 Responses to Rewriting the App


    its your friend…

    I don’t do anything without making it an object anymore.

  2. rickp says:

    Oh wow… wtf is phpobjectgenerator? heh… I’ll check it out… I, when I was writing PHP last, wrote everything in objects by default… honestly tho, sometimes I prolly wrote something in objects that didn’t need to be. Btw, clayton, gimme your password for your protected posts, you skeeze… r to the ick to the petersen at the g to the mail dot kizzidity com.

  3. bofe says:

    PHP object generator is not going to cut it for what I’m doing. My stuff is much cooler =)

  4. How dare you slam the object generator.

  5. rickp says:

    How dare you reply here without having sent me your 13370 pws? I want to feel like part of the in-crowd… I want to know what is going on good/bad in craigger’s life (or rather what WAS going on when you posted last)… I NEED THIS.

    p.s. Let’s use Bofe’s comment section to catch up since you can’t send me an email, punk. How ya been? đŸ˜‰

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