Harrison Yonts Trial Updates

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I posted a little over a year ago about Murray’s controversy involving a student (Harrison Yonts) and a drunk driving hit and run that killed one of my college friend’s mother.

The trial is going on now, and it’s being handled pretty well by the MSU News staff with Daily Blog updates – check it out here

There’s extensive discussion at MSURacers.com.


24 Responses to Harrison Yonts Trial Updates

  1. Sadly, I know Harrison and his family from when we lived in Greenville. I’d even been to his house a few times when we were little. It really is disturbing to see something like that happen to people we all know….

  2. Withheld says:

    I know Harrison, and I know his family, his mother is one of the sweetest people in the world and would do anything for anyone…that being said. It is hard for me to find any sympathy for Harrison. I’ve had my wild college times myself, but I never got behind the wheel of a vehicle under the influence. It’s poor judgement, plain and simple. I also believe that if it were me or many others from a less powerful family that we wouldn’t have been handed such a lenient sentence. It may come off disheartening or desensitized, but that’s the way I feel. On the other side, I thought the victims children handled themselves poorly in the courtroom as seen in the multiple videos found on KY news channels on the internet. They sounded vengeful and immature at times. Though, I can’t relate to their loss, I do believe enough damage had been done and their statements were only twisting the knife of an already sad situation that had an inevitable ending w/ both families losing a loved one.

  3. Unknown says:

    I lost my mother on January 2007 to a drunk driver. It infuriates me when people call it an accident. If you drink and drive it is no accident. We are getting ready to go to trial this month. If you have never lost a loved one in this manner you have no idea how it feels. The word ACCIDENT is not what it is. He drank then made the concious choice to get behind the wheel and drive home. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. It is always innocent people that pay for their stupidity. I would like to see our justice system deal a lot harsher with drunk drivers. It males me sick to see good people pay the ultimate price so that others can party. My mother lost her life over a beer. Vengeful you bet! You have no idea what it is like to sit in the same courtroom with the person who took the life of your family member. My mother never hurt anyone!

  4. Miles Stinson says:

    I rap about that nig all da time dough… Hes takes it up the ass now.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I read in the paper this morning that Harrison Yonts will only serve 8 yrs of his sentence. I would like to know how Ernie Fletcher will lie his head down at night. I hope that he thinks of that poor woman’s family so much that he can’t sleep or anything else. How can we say we have a justice system, Just when you think justice was served this happens. Should have known that wouldn’t really happen to a State Rep.’s son!!!

  6. the dogg says:

    i have read all the comments above mine, and this is what i have to say. i do know the yonts family, they are the sweetest people. yes, he did commit a crime of murder. no, you cant say that drunk driving is an accident, but it is a mistake. everyone makes them. when i go to sleep at night, i pray for the victims family as well as i do harrison. he is a good kid with bad judgement. i feel like 8 years in prison for a first offense is well enough punishment for him to learn the lesson of drinking and driving. he is young, and we all make mistakes. i do feel for the victims families, but him being in jail for 20 years, or 8, it isnt going to bring her back to them. he is going to serve his time and by knowing him, it will change his life completely.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nothing is going to bring her back, but what if it were your mom? Wouldn’t you want someone to pay? Knowing who is father is and that he got away with it would eat you up inside!!! Harrison is the one who will have to face God one day! That’s when he and Ernie Fletcher will pay! We will just leave it in God’s hands and he will decide who is innocent and who is not! That’s is the only chioce we have if we have no justice system!

  8. Lilmo2 says:

    I believe Fletcher did a favor for another one his cronies, again. It serves no pupose tinkering with what the court system in this county handed down for a drunk driver. A woman of merit and great respect died because of Harrison’s stupidity. Eight years is not long enough for him to reflect on the devastation he has brought to her family. The commuted sentence of a politician’s son for causing her death makes me wonder about why we elect people at all. It feels like Fletcher has poked all the residents and students in Calloway County in the eye for losing the election. Why is this person in our county jail still? Why wasn’t he at Kentucky State Prison? Get this blot of an individual away so his “upstanding” family can deal with him and his drinking ways. They will likely find a soft place for him to land.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s ridiculous a spoon fed political kid gets off virtually free after negligently killing a woman and attempting to hide from authorities and tampering with evidence. His actions prove he has little conscience or guilt. The above blogs reflect the diservice the former governor performed by commutting his sentence. It’s a shame the governor refused to consider restoring or allowing several hundred convicted drug offenders the right to vote but let a political cronies murderous son spend less time in jail than someone charged with a much less serious crime. This is the Kentucky good ole boy system at it’s worst.

  10. SEOGuy says:

    I think if he had showed remorse, or stopped to help her, instead of running to cover his tracks and then lying about it, I’d be ok with the sentance. In fact, I’d think it was a bit harsh.

    Drunk driving and hitting her was a mistake. Leaving her there and then trying to cover it up was selfish and evil. That is why he deserves to rot.

  11. ABY says:

    Mr Yonts is a mutual friend of mine. Though ive never met the guy I hear hes a good guy. Normally if someone in this kinda case gets off like yonts did I would throw a fit after being around law my life. Yonts knows what he has done and should be able to go on with. People make mistakes even though this is a bigin, theres no reason he should be locked behind bars that long of time. On the other hand I know that Fletcher didnt give two shits on his last day but the right decision was made.

  12. JG says:

    Kinda like the right decision to tamper with evidence and attempt to cover your tracks?

    So many people who rush to Yonts’ aid forget the big picture: it’s tragic that he was in a drunk driving accident and a good person died, but his actions following the tragedy were disgusting and vile. It is the latter that has so many people believing 20 years was justifiable, and why so many people are infuriated by the commutation.

  13. Butterfly says:

    what I would like to know is why the hell some of the people on this blog are calling this an accident , a mistake or just poor judgement? HARRISON YONTS IS A MURDERER!!!! that is all he is! for all of those who think that because he was young he deserves less time u all are crazy as hell! at the end of the day he took someones LIFE he KIlled someones mother, friend, sister, or classmate. And for the person who said that the victims family was trying to lay a guilt trip on Harrison in the court room he is lucky that is all because if it was my mother I would have tried to take his SPOILED ASS out! I am just tired of hearing people give sympathy for this bastard ! Although he is clearly not going to pay for this crime on EARTH he will definately pay later when he goes to meet the lord! HARRISON MAY YOU ROT IN HELL!

  14. JANITOR RAY says:

    Butterfly can I hear an AMEN.. Good argument… Finally somebody has some sense! Question for butterfly what happened in your childhood to make you so real!!ILOVE IT YOUR MY HERO

  15. JANITOR RAY says:


  16. STEVEMO!!!!!! says:

    Somebody showed me that post and as much as wanted to laugh for being like me “major ass” thats just messed up you crossed the line right there..You can state an opinion but make yourself credible

  17. Sarah says:

    Honestly, my problem is why are so many people hung up on this?? Classifly him whatever you like but really what is the big hype??? The reality is his mom is an amazing person who has supported murray state through and through. His dad is a democrat who busted his ass to get elected… Did anyone check his credentials and how long it took him to get elected??? He was defeated NUMEROUS times before he was sworn in to his seat in the house. The man has worked VERY HARD so please don’t disrespect him. The reality is there are no winners in this situation. There is a family who is hurting at the loss of a mother. My mother is my best friend…matter of fact I talk to her every day and I can not imagine those few seconds of time being taken away from me. At the other end, there is a family morning the loss of their son or brother. Either way, their is a loss. I am just mortified that a prestigious university like murray will allow this blog to continue.

  18. Sarah says:

    And before you get your quick little fingers start typing lets talk about law or who people are or prestigious or however you prefer to classify it???

    so, Richard Riddle in Spottsville, KY was right to agree to a LESSER charge of second degree manslaughter when he didn slow down before rear-ending a motorcycle of an 80yr old man and killing him??? And left the scene??? Did I mention he was DRUNK???

    Hmmm?? What would you say about Richard??? Funny, I’ve searched the web and I CAN NOT SEEM to FIND a WEBSITE dedicated to blogging about him???

  19. A.G. says:

    Okay, I know the Yonts family and they are good people. No one is questioning the family. But then you have a young man who chooses to get drunk at a frat party, everyone does that, no big deal. But then he gets in his car and drives. Count one. He “accidentally” runs over a woman. Count two. He freaks out and decides “Hey, if I call 911, I’m going to jail for sure” keep in mind that the woman is still alive when he drags her body off the road and into a ditch. She could have lived. Not an accident anymore. When you make the conscious decision to leave someone to die so you won’t get a DUI, that’s murder. Let’s see, that’s counts three and four. Yes, I feel sorry for his family, but I have no sympathy for someone who wantonly leaves someone to die so they won’t get six months in jail. Then, as I have heard, he went around bragging about an internship he was going to get “when my lawyer gets me out of this bs” Nope. No sympathy here. I am also surprised that charges were not brought against the fraternity, or at least I haven’t heard of any, for letting him leave in the condition he was in. If you leave someone’s house drunk, that person can have charges brought upon them also.

  20. A.G. says:

    Oh, and Sarah, it’s called free speech. And the other guy didn’t get a sentence of 20 years and have all his Dad’s buddies writing in letters for him to get him off. Come on, if it was you or me, would anybody write in to get us off? That’s what the big deal is. It’s like political nepotism at it’s worst. It highlights how crooked our system is. Fletcher let out others too, though. Two mentally retarded men, and a few women who were beaten by their husbands for 10 to 20 years before they killed the monsters who were terrorizing them, and then Harrison Yonts. Which one in that group jumps out at you as one that just may have been a political favor?

  21. SEOGuy says:

    If the little POS had expressed any remorse, I’d feel sorry for him. As it stands – I hope the arrogant little prick rots.

  22. Lilmo2 says:

    The acts of Fletcher and Yonts have been bitter pills for me to swallow, still. Both have now left their “marks” on our community. Students will graduate and leave. I grew up here and went to MSU briefly. I came home to start over, retired/disabled then Yonts struck his blow, then Fletcher.
    Has anyone heard anything concerning a possible civil suit against Yonts? I know while he is still in “stir” that has to be weighing heavily on his mind along with what got him there in the first place.

  23. Chase says:

    I can’t believe this blog is still up and running. For all of you fucks that do not know the facts about the case shut your asses up and get a life. Do you really think your meaningless ranting and raving is going change what is going on with Yonts??? I’ll answer for you….NO! So shut the fuck up! And I thank you…

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