Help Name my Killer App

For the past month or so I’ve been developing an application at work that’s sort of a wiki/CMS hybrid.

I want my users to quickly be able to edit parts of their respective websites. We have a few hundred employees and a slightly intimidating web presence for one person uphold.

  • Nine Domains
  • 15 Departments – each wanting their own website
  • Lots of room for growth

CMSes are sort of a no-no in the web 2.0 blogosphere and have been replaced with wikis. Wiki’s win because are faster, more accountable, and can show revision histories.

However, a wiki for city government just won’t cut it. Even an access-controlled wiki would still require quite a large amount of learning — most departmental secretaries won’t bother learning WikiSyntax. They will be able to maintain sets of ‘static’ pages. Each one of them will probably at some time, need a custom application developed by me. Another consideration is that eight of the nine entities mentioned earlier (that aren’t one of the 15 departments) will want a distinct look and feel to their website. Whew, that’s confusing. Oh well.

The app is starting to take shape, but I need to be able to get the word out about it — and it doesn’t even have a name!

So… help me name the app. Comment away.


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13 Responses to Help Name my Killer App

  1. How about you call it “bofe”

  2. Off the cuff, names and motto:
    * 9domains CMS (You have 9 domains? No problem)
    * HybridCMS (60 mpg on the Information Highway)
    * Allocate CMS (because you always want to pawn your work on someone else)
    * Nifty Wiki (If you have 9 fifties, it makes a nifty)
    * TextBox CMS (if you can dodge a textbox, you can dodge a ball, wait…)
    * RedBrick Wiki (the foundation for a good website)
    * Breadcrumb CMS (don’t wait on the leftovers)
    * Sunday Morning CMS (because it’s easy like Sunday morning?)
    * Solid Line Wiki (connecting the dotted lines)
    * OrangeSlice CMS (because BlueSlice sounds weird)

  3. Oo, thought of another while hanging out in the bathroom:
    Cannonball CMS (throw your weight around and get noticed)

  4. rickp says:

    InterWik – takeoff on internic, integrates wiki and cms properties together, i dunno.

    Hybriki – play on above suggestion + Stephen’s HybridCMS suggestion, hard to say and makes you feel stupid, so maybe it’d go over as well as Joomla or Ubuntu.

    NOT Candeo (inside’ish joke).

  5. Deezil says:

    WebKey – Sounds like word wiki, sorta, And it’s the Key to getting the Web up and running for all these people at your current job.

  6. WhoreChurch says:

    As Pope of Whore Church I proclaim your new app: Leid

    In Dutch it means “manage”

    In early English it meant “play”

    The Scot phrase “Wir Ain Leid” means “Our own language”

    The single word combines the ideas of playful management of our own language.

  7. Clayton says:

    Leid is a gay name… sorry :\

  8. WhoreChurch says:


  9. bofe says:

    at least he was a hell of a lot more creative than saying “How about you call it ‘bofe'”

  10. I’d be interested to know more about the app itself. We just decided we want all of our teacher to have the ability to easily create and maintain blogs and I’m really not looking forward to running this script I made to create 1500 wordpress installations, so I’m looking for other options.

  11. Sanders: run “WordPress Mu” — its a little rusty out of the box, but you should be able to clean it up if you know anything about php. We are using it on a niche community site, its friggin awesome.

  12. btw – I would be honored to have thousands of people using a peice of software named after myself. (but they really dont know it) 🙂

  13. WhoreChurch says:


    I would to, that’s why I just changed my name to “Word Press.” It’s easier than actually creating the software.

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