Awesome Firefox Extensions

Most of these are web development releated, but some are useful to everyone.

  • MeasureIt – Great for finding the width of anything on a website (in pixels)
  • ColorZilla – Very useful for getting the RGB (or Hex Color Code) of any item on a website. Becomes even more useful when you can enable the dropper with a keyboard shortcut.
  • SEO for Firefox – great for showing Pagerank, what kind of links the page may have, and easy whois access.
  • GreaseMonkey – Too many positive reasons. GreaseMonkey is the best.
  • AdSense Notifier – quickly show how much money you’re pulling in with Google AdSense
  • FasterFox – speeds up your Firefox experience without having to modify things in about:config.
  • FireBug – great for CSS/JavaScript Debugging, also has a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts.
  • Web Developer Toolbar – a standard if you’re using websites. You’ve gotta love w3 validation by keyboard shortcut.
  • Google Toolbar – useful for doing quick finds on items you searched via Google, also useful for cached copies, quick translations, and going “Up One Level”
  • IE Tab – IE is a necessary evil web developers have to test in to make sure the browser with the largest install base gets attention it needs, with IEtab testing on IE is seamless. If you’re wanting to test on IE7/IE6 and various other IEs, check Multiple IE.

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2 Responses to Awesome Firefox Extensions

  1. tim says:

    Your colorzilla link is broken I think.

  2. bofe says:

    Fixed it, thanks tim!

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