Google Video Uploader Needs Proxy Auth Support


I want to use Google Video pretty extensively at work. I went back and forth with their support, and still nothing. So, why not whine about it on my blog?

Google Video Uploader does not offer me a way to upload my videos because I work in Government. We want to add City Commission Meetings to the web, but… since I cannot connect (our connection requires Proxy Authentication) no dice.

How hard is it to add Proxy Auth to a friggin program? Really… I have a SOCKS 5 proxy that requires username and password auth on a specific port. Maybe I should post a list of programs out there that are made on shoestring budgets that offer Proxy authentication.

Here’s a screenshot of the implementation in Google Talk, in case you’re interested:





3 Responses to Google Video Uploader Needs Proxy Auth Support

  1. I have an idea, why dont you send them an email, then login at home and upload the videos. I think the concept of a proxy server is outdated. I think all port 80 traffic should be able to be filtered via a gateway without having to supply a alternate address for the proxy….

  2. bofe says:

    I’ve emailed them with the issue.

    It’s a little difficult to move the videos. We’re talking several hours of video at a high quality resolution — time consuming to upload and download. We should be able to just upload them from whatever machine.

    As far as proxy servers being outdated, I don’t really know. All I know is that the current setup (which I have no control over) dictates I use one.

  3. Sanjay M says:

    This is not directly related as I don’t have a proxy at home but have direct connection. But the uploader gave me an error on the lines of Unable to login – unable to connect to internet. Then I googled and found your site. Then I went to IE Internet Options -> Connection -> LAN Settings -> and unticked the Automatic configuration script. Then login was succesful.

    Maybe you could check your IE connection settings in the two environments.

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