My WebDev Essentials


  • EasyEclipse for LAMP, with Aptana – for glorious text editing experience with a LAMP setup. Aptana makes your web 2.0 javascript a lot easier to play with.
    • prototype js – unstoppable if you’re doing any serious javascripting
    • scriptaculous – for those “make it pretty” or “it just needs some umph” stakeholders =)
    • behaviour – for my “keep the markup pretty” inner zealot.
  • SQLyog – if you’re interfacing with MySQL on a regular basis, this is an essential desktop tool. Puts that old phpMyAdmin to shame.
  • PuTTY or gnome-terminal – at work I have to use Windows. At home I have to use Linux. gnome-terminal is built into gnome. putty is the way to go from Windows.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 – we’ve got a few licenses for it at work. For the working poor, give GIMP or Paint.NET a try.
  • Google Analytics beats the crap out of pretty much all of the free stats suites out there that run on your server.
  • Gaim and Skype are what I use for collaboration. It’s unfortunate we don’t use this at work, but I’m sure that will come in due time…

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  1. yes SQLyog is cool

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